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Thursdays AIr !!


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Good morning, everyone!

We had storms move through yesterday morning, but two hours later, a howling dry west wind had brought large amounts of dust in the air. Ah, my sinuses love spring time.

There's a saying in Texas that from February to late April, the wind never quits blowing; it just changes directions every so often. It was late this year, the very end of February, before the wind really seemed to start this year, but it's definitely with us now.

It was a chilly 42 degrees with a north wind as I rode to work this morning, but it's warming up nicely now. It's supposed to reach 67 degrees this afternoon.

Hope you're recovering well, Heidi. Have a great day, all!

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Good morning all,

I thank u all for your well wishes and prayers. I feel one week post-op I am recovering well....finally :lol: Wow its amazing to go in for head surgery and come out barely able to move my neck.

Anyways, I belive high of 50 today with rain. My heart breaks for the ppl of Chile my thoughts and prayers continue with them. Today big plans for me.....I am attempting to go home from my parents (we have stairs) but I am ready to make it up them, just not sure when I will get down them :roll: Going to do my Thank you cards and hand deliver a few really special ones :D

Life is good.....Have a wonderful day everyone

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Wup, sposed to get to 30 today. Snowed a little yesterday. Sposed to be near 60s next week. I love the weird weather. Great to see you back Heidi, happy you are doing well post-operatively. I been getting pretty sick again recently, no fevers tho, thank God, just really getting bubbly lung again and coughing all the time. Got a PET scan coming up in a couple weeks, hopefully still NED. Don't need anymore chemo or radiation to finish me off, just need to recover.

Take care all. Foop


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