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Proud of myself.


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Well, I did it. I fixed my car myself. I am so proud of myself right now I could almost spit. My windshield washer solution was not pumping and I figured out what was wrong by myself and fixed it. I am like a peacock strutting her stuff right now. Just wanted to share.

I hope we all get these little kadoo's for what we are able to accomplish. It just helps me to feel better about myself. I feel like I am making progress....even if it is little tiny steps at atime.

Much love to all. I do hope this year brings us some joy.


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That is great Shirley

One step at a time we become part of the world again. Isn't it wonderful to feel that you can actually do something?? I am learning more every day and am so thankful for that. Keep up the good work and the self pride. They look great on you!! Lillian

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Hey Shirley;

Proud of ya too!!!!; :):)

It's really neat when we take the time to say what we did RIGHT, instead of beating ourselfs up.!!!

Thanks for the reminder Shirl!, gotta stay gratefull for today!!

God bless

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

MRI's taken 12/18/03 - 2 brain mets found- named em Frick & Frack

"Absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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I have to find where to put the windshield liquid, running out.

We got Cable TV 1 month before Mike died, I can't even get

the program I want.....

So many things, I never did and now I have to get all the books

to try to figure out, how to do things.

I will be glad when I can trot as a peacock, I still learning.



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Thanks everyone.

I have been a "monkey rigger" for as long as I remember. Things my dad taught me when I was young have come in very handy. He also said to think it through and then try.

So for the car this time, it was either the lines were clogged or the pump was not working. I went to check the lines and with it being a "newer" car, you just can't follow the lines. So then I went to the well and got to looking at it. Sure enough, it was not plugged in. Of all the things it could be. I had to search for the other end of the plug and found it caught underneath the well. I pulled it out and plugged it in and it worked. I was so happy. You just would not believe how happy I was. I came in the house and shouted at the kids...I DID IT...I FIXED IT MYSELF!!!! They all laughed and clapped and said we knew you could do it Mom. I fix alot of things around the house. Including the dryer exhaust vent. That was easy. Just measure the opening, go to the hardware store and buy the connections.

I really am thankful my dad didn't mind me asking questions and watching when he worked on things. That is where I get the ability to look at things and try to logically think them through before I start anything.

I am the one in the house who always did the fix it stuff. Randy was not mechanically inclinded bless his heart, so he let me do the stuff. LOL Dad showed me how to frame in walls and hang sheet rock. So last winter when Randy first got sick (we didn't know why he was sick then) I was the one who built another bedroom in the basement for our expanding family. He would come down and admire my work. I even did all the taping and mudding. There are two things I will not touch though, electrical and plumbing. That stuff I hire out. Lord knows I don't need a fire or flood.

Anyone can be a monkey rigger if they think about what needs to be done and are not afraid to ask questions.

Give it a go. You will find a way to accomplish anything you put your mind to. Thanks Dad for being such a good teacher.

Good luck to all in your projects. Best wishes also for this next year that we all find little things that make us feel good about ourselves and our abilities.

Much love,


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What an inspiration you are!

I know my mom has been feeling alone and since my dad did all the stuff around the house, she feels very inadequate. I'm going over to her house today to help her with some things we've let pile up over the holidays and I'm wishing you could come with! But I will take your advice and give it a go!

Thanks for a great story....

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You go girl.

Actually I can be very handy. I was divorced for 16 years before Earl and I married and had no - zippo - nada - money. So I did it all. I remember replacing the linoleum in my kitchen. The only tools I had were a butter knife and a high heel. Had to break down and buy a saw.

My joke since Earl has gotten sick is that I am now the honey in the 'Honey Do' list.

Did have to bring in a handy man for a couple of things, like finishing the new trim on our garages - don't know how to miter.

But you know ladies, we are much stronger than we give ourselves credit for.

Hoorah for girl power.


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