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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! 63 degrees in the Keys. It was 7 am when I got up but my body knew it was really 6 am. Wish they would leave the time alone.

My friends from NJ got down in the early evening and we put off meeting until today. My worst time of day is between 5 and 7 and I was napping on the couch by 6:30. I have to learn to nap earlier in the day.

Was feeling so well yesterday that I actually did some work around the house and unpacking the coach and still worked out. I swore I was going to get started again. This is probably the longest I've gone without working out since the stretch of time after my dx. Hope I keep it up.

Back to the Cancer Center today. I skipped my weekly finger stick last week and so enjoyed just that little break in the routine. I'm so looking forward to a break from chemo--even just one--when I travel this Fall. Don't know how I'll handle the Summer travel, probably get it on the road.

Heidi, cooking is good and those sweet and sour meatballs sound yum. Bud, we know how you feel about the winds. We usually get a goodly share of windy days in the winter. This year it feels like it never stops.

Hope you have a good day everyone.


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Good morning, everyone.

Here's hoping that today will be much better than yesterday for my work load. The office was crazy yesterday and I hardly had time to look up. I usually try to leave my desk for lunch but yesterday was an exception. Thank goodness I had a bag of salad mix and some cottage cheese in the office fridge, as that was it. Shouldn't complain, as I'm trying to get back on the dieting routine. I fell off the wagon during Christmas and haven't been able to get all the way back on.

Our weather is supposed to be nice today. It's beautiful this morning and it's supposed to reach the low 70's today. The sun is shining and the wind seems to be dying down a bit. The wind was terrible over the weekend.

Judy...I'm so glad to hear such a good report from you. I know how great it must feel to have a chemo break. Just know that I'm thinking of you and hoping you get all accomplished that you need to do.


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Good morning everyone!

It was 50 degrees with a steady rain when I got up, so I drove to work. The rain is supposed to end later today, and it's supposed to get up to 61 degrees this afternoon.

Rose had chemo yesterday and felt nauseous the rest of the day. This is the worst nausea she's had. I'm glad there are only two more weeks of chemo to go.

I'm finding myself taking pauses in my work this morning to recalculate just how much longer I need to keep working. I guess I should consider myself fortunate to have a job in these tough times and be healthy enough to still be working. Some days, though....

Have a great day, all!

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Morning all, feeling rather chipper today, praise God. About 40 when I got up sposed to get to about 60 today and tomorrow then snow by the end of the week with highs in the 30s on Friday. Three seasons in 4 days, I love this place. Keep learning more about what happened while I was down. I am so blessed to be alive, Mary told me last night they had to defibrilate my heart a couple times, I had no idea about that. Guess I'm just a bigger mess and blessing than I know.

I have a little bit of traveling planned this summer and it's amazing how much more goes into it with all of the medical to be concerned with, sure isn't just pick up and go anymore.

Yeah Bud consider yourself very blessed to have both the work to do and the ability to do it, but I'm sure retirement would suit you very well too. You have enough hobbies and interests to not be bored or feel useless. We really need those things to give us a full quality of life.

Hope everyone has a good day.


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Hi, everybody. These chemo days really come around fast now that it's 3-weeks-on-1-week-off. I have an afternoon appointment for a change, so guess I'd better take my nap around noon so I'm not too sleepy to drive back home after my treatment. I seem to have the peristalsis factor about figured out and things are working out okay on that score with the various countermeasures I have stacked up on the table next to my computer. I do feel quite tired most of the time without much endurance, but aside from that am feeling pretty good and eating well (though small quantities at any one time).

Our temperatures have been quite comfortable the past few days. The March wind has shifted around to where it's more out of the east, so we're now missing the frigid blast out of the north (yes, relatively speaking). 8)


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Good afternoon, well yesterdays warm day of 65 was not as great as I had hoped for. It was warm but not sunny :cry: Finally starting to sleep good minus my night sweats :D

Well today is overcast and a high of 58 in Washington. Feels kind of cool and refreshing and a great day for a nap :D

Hope everyone has a great day!

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South Jersey here....Had to check in. One of the perks of living in the East is the change of seasons. It makes you feel sooooo rejuvinated!!!

Beautiful here.... sunny high in the upper sixties.... everyone is smiling and so friendly and saying we deserve this! It suppose to be this way till Sunday.... but I think I'm starting to feel alergies :roll: on no!!!

Anyway, we do deserve this! :D:lol::wink::mrgreen:8)

Maryanne :wink:

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Well now, look at you all getting Air today. Ann, I hope the day went easier for you. Oh, and that break I'm thinking about--it's 7 mos from now lol. Bud, I don't know how old you are but I agree with Donny, you have enough going on that I don't think you would be bored being retired. And Donny, I think I'd be a little crazy trying to figure out what to wear every day with that weather lol. Hope you don't get too many more surprises about that time when you were down. It's scary, huh. Ned, I can't imagine 3 on and 1 off. And I complain about a finger prick every week in between my scans! I wondered about your weather in Hawaii this winter. Sounds like you've had the winds and some chill too. Heidi dear, enjoy your nap and take this time you need to really heal. Maryanne, you guys in NJ absolutely deserve some nice weather.

Did I miss anyone? I hope at least some of you heard me respond. I'm always so happy to have company here.


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