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Friday's Air


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Surprise! I've been up since 1:00am printing programs for the annual Kunia Orchid Show, something we've done this time of the year since the mid-1980s. They have the judging for the 3-day event on Thursday night, then bring the layout or CD by the house (or our printing shop from 1989-2003), and I print the programs which they pick up before the show opens to the public on Friday morning. Back when I had an offset press I could push them out pretty fast, but now I'm just using a laser printer, and though it's a big 11x17 HP, it's still relatively slow and it's going to take me close to 5 hours to do enough for Friday. I'll have to do the ones they need for Saturday-Sunday later today after a nap. This might be the last year I want to do this. They're now having the event in the gymnasium of a local high school, and for future years they should be able to arrange for use of one of their fast copy machines. Fortunately I'm feeling pretty good right now, but how it will be this time next year, I don't know.

It's still very dark outside, but supposed to be a nice day though still a bit windy and chilly (now in the 60s, expected high in the low 70s). Okay, I'm spoiled. :P

I'll check back later in the day. Aloha,


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Nother beautiful day, woke up to 6 inches of snow, about 25 out now sposed to get up to about 30. Got our yesterday again for a few hours, still not feeling like the bottom of a birdcage looks. Today just going to get the mail and take it very easy. I know enough to know when to say when. It's time to say when, but it is so wonderful to have a few good days in a row. Boy I sure here ya Ned, hard to make long term commitments these days, but even small ones accomplished sure feel good, don't they.

Have a great day all. Sure feels good to be back amongst the living.


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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 45 degrees as I pedaled to work this morning. The predicted high for this afternoon is 74, and I'll be facing a 20 mph south wind as I ride home.

Yes, Judy, temperature swings like that are common in early spring here. It makes it interesting to try and figure out what to wear for my bike rides. Some days, I'll need a lot less clothes when I ride home than what I wore in the morning.

We have a chance of storms this evening, it's supposed to be down to 50 degrees by midnight, then that is predicted to be the high for tomorrow as temperatures just fall the rest of the night and all day tomorrow, with 30 mph north winds, and a low near freezing tomorrow night. There might not be too much fishing or bike riding happening here this weekend.

Have a great day, all!

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Well, Hell's Bells! This must be boy's night out. I didn't want to break the streak. Since it's just the boys here I have a question. How's your sex life since treatment? Since they removed my right lung my wife isn't to keen on making love. She said my breathing gets so heavy she does't know if I'm coming or going. :oops: Just joking,hope I didn't offend anyone.

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