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I am sorry to report my dad passed away at 5:30am this morning,

January 2nd. He was in inpatient hospice here in Connecticut since

the day after Christmas, and I consider our family blessed to have had

him home as long as we did. I also can not be more thankful for the

support and comfort my Dad and the rest of the family received in


I am truly grateful for all the time I was able to spend with my Dad this

year, but also for the words of support, encouraging stories, and even the

shared tragedies I found here. Cancer is the worst thing I have ever

encountered, but it has also brought me to know some of the finest


I wish all of you the best.

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My sincerest condolences to you and your family, Allison. Your avatar shows how proud he was of his daughter, and what a special relationship you shared. I do hope your wonderful memories of your beloved father will comfort you now and in years to come. Many of us here have lost parents to lung cancer; I do hope you will stay and let others support you through your grief.

Best wishes, Teresa

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I am so very sorry Allison. The pain right now is terrible I know. We are all here for you when you need a shoulder or just want to remember and cry. That is one thing I have learned about this board, no matter what kind of support you need you will find it here. Nothing in the grieving process is unacceptable. We have our own way to handle it but the people here are always ready with a hug and prayers. Stay with us and let us support you in your dark days. Lillian

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Dear Allison,

So very sorry to hear of your dads passing, please accept my most sincere condolences May God help and comfort you through this most difficult time.

God bless and be well

Bobmc- NSCLC- stageIIB- left pneumonectomy- 5/2/01

MRI's taken 12/18/03 - 2 brain mets found- named em Frick & Frack

"Absolutely insist on enjoying life today!"

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