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5 1/2 Years and Counting


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My doctor spotted something in my Feb. PT Scan (although it didn't light up). I had a Bronchoscopy and it turned out to be trapped mucous in my trachea. So NED again!!! To celebrate, my wife and I are going on a Mediterranean cruise in August. Next bloodwork will be in May and next Scan will be 2/11.

Stay well everyone!!

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WOOHOO Lenny!!!! Terrific news! We have been on this road just about the same amount of time - both dx 9/04. You had surgery months before me though. So we are now both 5-1/2 year survivors. Let's have a toast together - you name the time and place! I'm going to get a head start though - and toast you right now.

Let's keep going in the same direction - we are now twins!

All my best.


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