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Friday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 38 degrees as I rode to work this morning, but the north wind had finally died down. The forecast high for this afternoon is 71.

The weather is looking pretty decent for this weekend, so I'm planning a 200k ride on Saturday and a fishing trip on Sunday.

Have a great day, all!

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Just dropping in to wish everyone a HAPPY FRIDAY, since this is my favorite day of the week...lol.

Our weather has warmed up nicely here on Florida's Space Coast. The high for today is supposed to be 81. We had a terrible storm move through here last night. I usually sleep through about anything but the rain hitting my windows woke me up. Hubby and I went to the front door to look out and the wind was so bad that it reminded us of the 2004 hurricanes. But, although it's still overcast, the day is getting better.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. No big plans here, just doing taxes and doing some spring cleaning before Easter.

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Happy Friday All! I, like Ann need to do some spring cleaning this week end. Not sure how much I'll be able to do since I've been so sick with colitis these past weeks, but something is better than nothing right?

My cat (Randy) in running all over the house this morning non stop. Even without catnip (thanks for the advice Ann). He's such a comfort to me during these times, I'm so happy I got him!

Well, back to FB to check my stoves in CW....have a good one my friends.

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Morning All! Here I am late again. Glad I have friends to cover for me. Yes, It's 76, 79 depending on what gauge you check in KW. Ann I heard the rain but fell right to sleep so don't know if we got the winds. Slept thru it all til 9 am. Poor Stan was worried. Had been calling me since 7. I just do what my body wants me to do these days. No alarms even tho I was expecting company at 9! lol.

Anyway, the shell lady as I call the artist to whom I gave all my shells stopped by today with the gift she made for me. She offered a shell windowpane art but let me choose--she also brought a new work she's doing with laminated flowers on windowpanes. It had a three dimensional frog tucked at the bottom for accent. It was so adorable. She had looked around my house the last time she was here and said she knew just what to make for me. She'd gleaned I was a flower freak and knew that was the special think she'd mentioned. I loved it! What a nice lady. She'll go back to Massachusetts now but will return next year.

This has been a good winter. I've opened up to new possibilities and made new friends however temporary. As I've said lately, life is good right now and right now is all that's important.

Have a great day everyone.


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