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Saturday's Air


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Morning All! Am being very careful with the days. Have been corrected off-site a few times off-site this week too. They say you can't keep track of the days when you're retired and that appears to be true for me.

It looks to be a gorgeous day in KW today. Temp is 69 now and the sun is shining. Don't know what the max outside temp was yesterday but it got up to 82 in my house. I did a little housekeeping outside, mostly in my orchid room, just to be out in it. Looking forward to going to town today. There's a little cancer society fund raiser at Harpoon Harry's. I'm not much of a bar person (the stools are too high lol) but it should be fun.

Have a great day everyone.


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I love that Judy - the stools are too high! I hope you had fun!

I hope you had fun at the egg hunt too Katie - the farm I volunteer at had an egg hunt today - and I hear the volunteers got special instructions on how to deal with over zealous parents - how sad is that!

I just got back from the Lung Cancer Symposium at Yale's brand new Smilow Cancer Center. It was a very informative and interesting morning. The speakers were from every aspect of cancer care (including my doc!) and also a panel of lung cancer survivors. My husband and son came along, my son had not yet met my oncologist so I was glad he got that opportunity.

Afterward we walked around the center a bit - there is a beautiful rooftop meditation garden with a brook running through it! And then out to lunch before dropping my son off back at college.

Now I am going to take a nice long afternoon nap!

have a wonderful day everyone!

peace - janet

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Janet, it's good to hear that a cancer Symposium centered on Lung Cancer. It sounds like an interesting event. Glad to hear your son met you onc. That was probably very significant for a young man whose mother is being treated for cancer and something we don't usually think about.

The cancer event was nice. You'll be happy to hear we got to sit at a table with regular chairs lol. I ran errands to four different stores while in town and want to tell you, am I beat! I shall rest now too.


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