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Monday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was another cool morning, 39 degrees as I pedaled to work. It's supposed to get up to 70 degrees this afternoon.

The wind here the last two weekends has been incredible. I did a 200k ride with three friends on Saturday, and ended up riding in the worst wind I've ever encountered on the bike, a west wind gusting to 50 mph. We finished the ride ok, but that's not something I want to do again.

Sunday, the winds were still 30+ mph so, just like I had good sense, I went fishing. I went to Lake Granbury, another lake that is close to home since I've moved, just 30 miles away. I found some protected water and spring crappie. Even though I didn't keep any of the smaller keepers, I ended up taking 17 crappie home.

Today is Rose's LAST chemo day! She made cupcakes for everyone at chemo. Have a great day, all!

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Bud, good morning. Looks like you hit the "Send" button first so I'll move my post here. The furthest I ever rode was four miles--a spit in the bucket compared to you. But I do remember the headwinds here in KW in the winter. Hated them hated them hated them. Tell Rose congratulations. I can just imagine how thrilled and relieved she is.

My Monday Air Post to come as soon as I figure out how to do it lol.


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Morning All! My desktop weather is flashing a red 76 to alert to possible thunderstorms. But looking out towards the canal, the sun is shining brilliantly right now.

I have a good excuse for being late. My "feeling great" deteriorated yesterday as the afternoon progressed. I had to decline Sunday night dinner at the neighbors as I was running back and forth to the bathroom and experiencing what I've come to consider my post-Alimta affliction. No matter how you think you feel or put it off, it will hit you sooner or later. I managed to go to bed and sleep around ten but was awake at 2:30 am. Don't really know what woke me up. I was most aware of being congested. Finally got up at 3:15 and drank Sleepy Time tea and read back newspapers. Went back to bed at 4 am and slept til 8:30. Stan's away and I'll be working at home so I can just ignore the clock and pretend it's anytime I want it to be.

Got to go. It's time for breakfast. I have to test my digestive system sooner or later lol. Hope you all have a great day.


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It's a rainy day here today, too. We had some really rough storms move through here late yesterday afternoon. I think all of the rain is supposed to move on out today and the rest of the week should be nice.

So glad to hear that today is Rose's last day of chemo. Please tell her we're cheering her on.

Hope you're feeling better, Judy.

Hi, Heidi!!!

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Hahaha Katie - you should see the yucca trimmings as well as the pampas grass around here. Not fun. Not things I would have planted, we inherited them.

Went to bed last night and just as I turned out the light, pop, pop, pop, pop. A few minutes later, sirens. A 24 year old was shot and left on a sidewalk 2 1/2 blocks from our house. Don't know the why or who. The rest of the night, listened to winds and downpours. This morning I went to Qi Gong and then swam laps - very relaxing. But now, thunder is rolling in and I expect the downpour will start momentarily.

Okay, at least part fun?

Bud - Rose had the energy to make cupcakes? Very nice. My last day of chemo was the only one where I tossed my cookies. Congrats to her - time for a break or is she done with treatment?

Don't you love riding into a wind - especially when you have to pedal going downhill! I biked around southern England and Ireland when I was just out of college - only thing worse is riding with a cross wind and having a large truck pass you - when the wind hit, it knocked me over!

Judy - I know the feeling. Last night wasn't so grand. But dinner is starting to sound good.

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Darn, ts, that's scary that shooting is. Kind of ruins your night sleep doesn't it.

Ladies, I used to love working in the yard. Can remember taking a pick ax to out-of-control shrubs when we moved here. Threw all 95 lbs of me (then lol) behind that ax. Would work outside for hours just taking breaks in the AC every now and then. Don't last more than an hour or so in my orchid room now. Leave all the heavier stuff to Stan to do.

Ann, we had high winds most of the day but just one heavy shower came through earlier today. Weather just feels freaky.

Lights out folks, at least for me.


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