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Why does my heart beat really fast at random times and makes me feel sleepy? i was sitting at the computer the other day not doing ANY excercise when i started to feel weird, i could feel my heart beating in my chest and it was going excessivly fast. 2 days later i woke up from sleeping of 3 hours and my heart was beating so fast as if i ran a marathon. what is wrong with me?


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mildrecdex, only a check-up with your doctor can tell for sure. But before you panic, I know there are minor causes for racing heartbeat beyond exercise. There is some kind of benign heart irregularity that can cause you to occasionally hear as well as feek your heart beating in your chest. Also, anxiety cannot be ruled out until you've had a physical check. It is not unusual for anxiety to wake one from sleep or come on at some unexpected moment. What you are describing is hopefully nothing serious but you shouldn't ignore such warnings either.


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