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Morning All! Hope two of these don't turn up. I think I hit enter instead of tab. Oh well. It's sunny, only 70 though and chilly again when I got up at 6 am. Haven't been up that early in awhile but went to bed at 9 so to be expected.

Cap letters for the Air for working folk. Some of you may have the day off for Easter week or a half-day anyway. For all of you who celebrate the holiday, I know some of it is sad and some glad. Hope the focus is on the glad.

Waiting for Stan and Dominick who should roll in about an hour or so from now. It hasn't been the best morning--up too early, chores left undone from yesterday and smashed a full cup of tea all over the area of my chair in the living room. I'm taking a break now and focusing on the positive.

Ned, we are all thinking of you and wishing you a speedy pain-free (is there such a post-surgery state as pain-free?) recovery. Hope they give you good drugs.

Have a great day everyone.

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Happy Friday everyone (especially Ann....her favorite day). It looks like it's going to be chilly today so I plan to do some cleaning out in my closets. I have a lot of "fat clothes" I want to send for DAV donation.

Hasn't been that good of a week for me. Someone....someplace....got a hold of my credit card number and went on a shopping spree. At least the bank is processing a refund for me. UGGGG I hate thieves!

Discovered a new way to dust my floors! I bought a harness for Randy and he doesn't understand the concept of walking in it so he just lays there. SOOOO I drag him around the house and dust my floors with him How cool is that huh? LOL

I don't know if I had told any of you about my son falling in Love :) Only problem is that she lives in Illinois across the country. They are talking about him moving there which will leave me completely alone here. Don't know if I like that part, but I want him happy and that's what counts right?

Starting part time work in about 2 weeks. I sure hope I like it, cuz as far as jobs these days they are scarce to say the least. Wish me luck!

Have a wonderful Easter everyone!

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Good morning all!!! HAPPY FRIDAY !!! Yipee...hooray...and all that jazz!!!

Judy....have fun with your family!!! Grandchildren are so wonderful. Hubby and I are watching Ella and Jude while their Mom & Dad go out to dinner and take in a Jerry Seinfeld show. I love Friday nights with my little people. I have started a new tradition of taking food for dinner when we babysit and the kids are really beginning to look froward to seeing what Nana and Pop-Pop bring for dinner. The past two times, it's been Chinese, as they both love sweet and sour chicken. For some reason, Jude refers to it as chicken biscuit. Tonight, we're taking Chick-Fil-A. Ella loves the Polynesian sauce for her chicken. I'm not big on chicken, so I may have to make a stop elsewhere for my dinner.

Michelle...I love your new concept of using Randy to help do the chores...lol! I can just see the two of you now. You in your skinny clothes and him in his harness. I have to admit that I have way too many clothes in my closet. I have the bigger clothes and the smaller clothes. I lost a lot of weight last fall and I'm trying not to let the scales creep up on me. For some reason, I want to eat in the spring and it's hard to diet.

Hope everyone has a nice holiday. Easter will be quiet at our house this year but I think I'm going to really enjoy going out to dinner on Easter. That's something I've never done and some of the menus look great. Oldest son, DIL and babies will be in Orlando, visiting her aunt and uncle and youngest son and DIL will be in Miami. They're going to a Paul McCartney concert on Saturday night and staying over. Did I ever tell you that I raised a houseful of Beatle fans?

Hope everyone is enjoying my favorite day of the week. I'm here at work until 3:00. Then, I fling open the door and RUN out of here for a couple of days!!!

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It is 63 here today and the sun is shining!!!! It is a beautiful day!.

We got a lot - a LOT - of rain this week in New England, record amounts and a lot of flooding. My backyard looks like a lake! On Tuesday I did my volunteer stint at the farm. We kept the kids inside and I ran back and forth to the animals pens to bring the animals in to the kids - I have never been so wet (and muddy) in my life! Today the farm was like a different world, all the animals were so happy and basking in the sunshine! On top of that my nephew and his wife came to see the farm today I loved showing them around.

I was supposed to have my PET scan on Thursday. Of course, once again, like clockwork, the call came Wednesday late afternoon to tell me it was canceled because the insurance company denied it. It seems to have become a game with them. They deny it, my doctor tries for days to reach an actual person, once he does they reverse their decision and the PET is scheduled. However, what they don't realize is that my stress level goes through the roof every time!

I hope everyone that celebrates Easter has a wonderful day!!!! My kids are all coming in tomorrow - we hope, the trains from Boston are not all running because of the flooding.

One more aside - My husband always complains that I cook too much food. This year I asked him to order the Ham, I didn't tell him a size, because I wanted and 8-10 pounder and I figured he would complain that was too much, so I left it up to him. He ordered a WHOLE HAM. 17 - 22 pounds! It is only the 5 of us!! HaHa!

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I'm BAAAAACK! Surgery wasn't half bad. I've been home about 3 hours and haven't needed any pain pills yet. They gave me Percoset and some 600mg ibuprofen. Think I'll try staying with the ibuprofen, 'cause Percoset made me feel really weird when I had it after my thoracotomy in 2006. Plus, it adds to the constipation problem which I don't need. See ya tomorrow.


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