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so far do good but How do I find out which message is unread! the notice says 1 unread message but I cant find it!!

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I clicked on View Unread Posts in the ipper right and it worked great for me. Poped up all the ones that are new that I haven't read.

The search feature won't be working properly until all the conversion is complete.

Play around with the User Control Panel to changes your personal user options and get yourselves familiar with that.

Have fun!

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I love that you guys have more features.

I love that this upgraded version is supposed to have more security for newly registered users and a CAPTIA security code and email verification. This is supposed to eliminate the need for me to manually activate every user one-by-one.

I was getting HUNDREDS of email notifications for new users everyday. I'd have to manually go thru 200-300 emails before finding even ONE authentic user. It was really time consuming.

So I am hoping this works for us all.

MODERATORS : heads up and keep an eye out for spammers. Hope we don't need to worry but you never know when you lay it all in the systems hands again.

Enjoy everyone,



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I will increase the mailbox size BUT

Also, this is a good opportunity for us to clean out our inboxes- save those we want to keep in word format or copy/paste into an email message and email it to yourselves instead of keeping dozens (for me hundreds) of them on the LCSC database.

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With all this talk about mailbox size I decided to see what if anything was in my mailbox. Wow, I had gotten a lot of messages that I never new I had, were we notified if we had messages?

Donna G

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You are notified only if you select the notification options in your profile.

Most likely you had the notification turned off on the other version. I go into your user control panel and check it out!

Let me know if you need help.

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