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First Reminder!


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Hi Dawn,

What a great idea! would love to participate,I am on holiday for the next two weeks and do have more time for emailing,Wednesday pm my wife and I ,my wee sister and her granddaughter are going to the cinema ,I think I have to add 6/7 hours onto your local time to syncronise with you,so Ill probably miss out,but will try when I come home,please keep me informed about future live chats-love reading your mailings.


Eric xxxx

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Times for chat on Wednesday:

12:30 EDT

11:30 CDT

10:30 MDT

09:30 PDT

DT means daylight saving time. If that does not apply to where you are I am not sure what the time would be. For those out of the country that might like to participate, I can also host a chat late at night or early mornings (like 3 or 4 in the morning) as I am usually up. We just have to let others and Katie know in advance.

If I am late getting in the chat room, please feel free to start without me, or wait till I can get in. Sometimes the internet here does not work as advertised and it may take me a while to get in. I usually start trying to get in about 11:00.

Dana, you have not missed it. It's tomorrow, lol.

Look forward to seeing some of you there!


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