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Anyone Here Know a Way to Relieve Gout?

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I am sure you have showed it to the doc but just in case you haven't I have to tell you I also googled gout and found some pics that look exactly like my foot and ankle did when I had a blood clot in my lower leg. As I am sure you know, a blood clot is much more serious than gout could ever be.

Hugs - Patti B.

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I do hope you checked with your doctor he can give you something for the pain. According to my son in-law who has problems with gout eating lots and lots of cherries helps with the pain. Any kind of cherries will do, he also drinks cherry juicy juice. I've heard that eating cherries will also help keep you from getting gout. Hope you feel better soon! My son in-law also adds taking ibuprofen and putting ice on it helps.

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