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Three dayer


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Ha Ha, like someone will miss me if I'm gone three days. I wanted to take a Hall Pass anyway so you all keep up the Air and don't think I'm just shirking my duties.

I'm off to my long awaited stay in Islamorada with my friend from NJ. We went to kindergarten together. We are both part of a group of about 12 women who went to grade and/or high schools together who meet every year at the Jersey Shore for a pajama party. Mary is visiting her daughter who lives in South Beach (Miami) and we decided to each drive half way to Islamorada. We'll stay three days and two nights and just chill. Can't wait.

Judy in KW

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Have fun Judy from KW. LOL! I hope you have an absolute blast. Though I can't imagine another place more beautiful than Key West. That is one of my FAVORITE places to visit. Don't even want to tell you about my last trip there. Suffice to say.....had so much fun and not sure my liver can survive another trip there. What an awesome place it is.

Have fun!

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Hi Judy,

Enjoy your break,I am on holiday from college for two weeks,well holiday might be stretching it a bit-my wife has other plans which include small bedroom major makeover-everything to go,furniture,carpets and wallpaper,she also ordered a skip for me to fill from years of accumulated bric-a-brac (which she wanted kept-might come in handy)has now been redesignated as rubbish,which is currently occupying the space designed for the car in our garage,do drop by after your break,there will still be plenty for you to do here.

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