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Friday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

The north wind died down last night, but it was another chilly morning this morning, 38 degrees as I rode to work. It's supposed to get up to 76 degrees this afternoon as the wind switches back to the south.

I'm spending my morning repairing buttons on a machine control that someone took a hammer to. It never ceases to amaze me what some people will do.

Have a great Friday, all!

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Hi Bud,

Just about filled the skip yesterday from the small bedroom and the garage,had to buy some more plastic storage boxes for my daughter gear-she was using the small bedroom as a study for her Uni course,she has now moved out into a flat-I didnt want her to go-well I suppose she is 25 now-as the minister told me when we got married-children are gifts from God,but they are only on loan.

Shes just been told that a part in a play she auditioned for,has been given to her,so as they say in Scotland-shes fair chuffed.Gosh can I remember the name of the play,she would say typical-you dont listen to a word I say.The play starts in the Ramshorn Theatre in Glasgow in the week of my 61st Birthday on May 8th so it will be a nice birthday treat.I always worried since my dx I wouldnt be here to see her hit the big-time.I did tell her from the outset Jennifer only one in a million make it-her reply? Dad Iam one in a million,you know what I may be biased,but I think shes right.

I have taken a day off to-day from DIY-well we dont want to rush things do we ?.

Bye for now.

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I guesss it's still morning for some people - not here, tho. It's become very, very humid and those with allergies are still suffering. We really need this "promised" rain.

Congratulations to your daughter, Eric! I'm sure she is "one in a million."


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That's terrific, Eric! I Googled the Ramshorn website to see if the name of the play was listed, but I think it's not posted yet. That theatre is a busy place!

Had my follow-up with the surgeon yesterday, 6 days after my hernia repair. Says things are healing nicely and I can resume chemo next week. Been off the stuff for a month — no wonder I'm feeling good!


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Hi All,

Thanks Murial,oh were it in my power to send you some of the rain thats fell in Scotand recently-you would soon be saying enough!,enough!.

Ned,good to see you getting up and about,I am so pleased you are making good progress following your op.Now its chemo to look forward to-you really have come through the wars,what an example you are to others,who should be counting their blessings,I

of course wish you well for your next hurdle,and please God, leave you in peace now in good health.

Jennifers play is called "The Libertine"based on the life of the Earl of Rochester,but she is ill at ease at the thought of Mum and Dad coming to see it because its a bit "risque"

The weather here to-day has been lovely-spring certainly has sprung,I am sitting at my dining room table with my laptop looking out my window to see a beautiful sunset,isnt life wonderful?.

Catch you later.

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