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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Its your friendly 9.30 am wake up call,Iam enjoying being on board first due to the difference in time zones,It will be different next week when I am back at work,less time on my lap top.Again its a bright sunny morning-Wow-three days in a row,its my Daughters birthday to-day and she is coming to spend the day with us,shes bringing her boyfriend Chris along, he is a computer whiz-kid and has set me up with an online computer training programme to develope my skills-I have completed Lesson 1,Lesson 2 sent two weeks ago remains unattempted,I think I better come up with some sort of excuse.

Ideal weather for a barbie ,except my daughters a vegan.Bruce thanks for your replies,much appreciated,I enjoy hearing about the local environment of the homes of buddies in the world,I may not get the chance to visit these places,but it is a way of getting to know them better.Loved the golf last night, well done Phil,isnt Augusta just beautiful.

Bye for now.

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Morning All! 73 degrees and overcast--oops just as I said that the sun popped out lol. We had a heck of a storm blow through last night with high winds and pelting rain.

Eric, I've enjoyed you getting the Air up early also. I haven't had an early morning in awhile. I worked in my orchid room for 2 shifts yesterday and Stan and I stayed up late watching TV. Rare for us. I've only been up an hour now.

I need to get to some computer work today but I'm semi-retired so no hurry, no time-line. Loving it! Won't be a lot of time for bird watching but the bottlebrush tree has been blooming since before I went to Isamorada. I've seen hummingbirds feeding there more often than I've seen in years. I love them. My daughter told me once if I were a bird, I'd be a hummingbird lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Good to see you posting, Will. I can't view those photos on this work computer, but I'll check them when I get home.

It was 55 degrees with scattered fog as I rode to work this morning. The forecast high for the day is 81 degrees.

As usual, I had a busy weekend. I was planning on making a trip to Lake Fork on Saturday. Most of the year, I'm just a crappie fisherman, but in April and early May, I can't resist using light tackle to sight fish for bedding bass at Lake Fork.

But Fork is over three hours away, and when I inspected my trailer tires Friday evening, I knew I wasn't going to Fork. I spent Saturday morning buying tires, then made a short trip to Lake Granbury. The crappie there were biting great, again.

Sunday morning, I drove to Dallas to do a 49 mile bike ride with friends in the rbent group. Then, I spent the rest of the day doing my taxes.

Last year was the first time ever that I spent a large enough percentage of my income on medical expense to claim it on itemized deductions. But, in the usual catch-22 fashion, my other itemized deductions were down enough last year that I still didn't have enough in total deductions to itemize. Don't you love tax time?

Have a great day, all!

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Hey folks. Another sunny day in the knife. I agree Eric it is nice to know what it's like in the rest of the world even if we may never get there. We have a semi arid climate here so it is usually sunny and with very little rain. Quite the opposite of growing up on an island in the north Atlantic.

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You wish.

Gray day here in the PNW.

I went to Qi Gong and pushed some clouds around, then swam laps in a lane all to myself. A good Monday.

Leftover Chinese food for dinner tonight.

Oh, my pinched nerve in my elbow? Nope, "tennis elbow". I haven't played in 30 years, so I think it is 12" cast iron pan slinging elbow. It's getting better and I have an excuse to not wash the dishes.

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Hi Everyone,

I am getting a education from you lot,Judy "Bottlebrush Tree"What on Gods Earth? and your Mutton Snapper?

Bud I thought everything is bigger in Texas?I am trying to find your location in my Times Atlas,Crowely only appears in the index in LA,Tried Lakes Fork and Granbury- nope,ok I give in, give me a clue,N,S,W or E from Dallas?Will, stunning photos guess you work on the rigs in the Gulf? have you been on the North Sea ones?

Stephanie,thanks for all your emails I really enjoy reading them,re-"I went to Qi Gong and pushed some clouds around" correct me if I am wrong,but this is obviously this is a reference to a mountain range in Cambodia,that you climbed-pushing the clouds about at the summit-Iam I correct?.Maybe you hurt your elbow during the climb,hope it gets better soon to get back to the sink-poor hubby!.

See you soon-Bye.

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