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Wednesdays Air

eric byrne

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Wakey,Wakey Everyone,

Its 9.45am here in Bonnie Scotland,sun is still hiding behind grey overcast skies,however it is warm and dry and no winds blowing.

Visit to my G.P.yesterday went quite well,CT Scan report is definately not good etiquette here,she questioned me politely,why I felt the need to self finance one,but she did make it plain that unprescribed scans can raise more problems than they solve.However she did prescribe Adcal-D3 for the borderline osteoporosis that had shown up in the scan.

Afternoons appointment with my oncologist and lung nurse present,I passed to her my report and a cdrom with my pics in it,she didnt have any prior notice of my scan,but she did read the report,but did not review the cdrom.Again my need for a CT Scan went down like a lead baloon,basically here is treatments prescribed are strictly evidence based results,so CT scans are only used for Colon cancers where there is definate proof of patient benefits.It is good common practice here that the medical team from all branches get to-gether every Tuesday to discuss their patients progress and collectively descide on the next course of treatment,my onc says she will present my report and cdrom to the group when my review comes up in their discussion,she would contact me afterwards,cant be fairer than that,can you?

Bud-Iam getting close-found Fort Worth,Granbury,Alvarado and Waco,I think I will get my prescription glasses checked,this Atlas game is great fun,the number of songs that come into my head reading it like-"Show me the road to Amarillo" and "Iam a linesman for the county-yes Iam singing it as I type-and I drive the main roads,looking in the sun for another overload,Yes Wichita Linesman,I really like Glen Campbell ,maybe its the name?.Hey,thanks for the doggie pics,brought a big Aw and a smile to my chops.

Stephanie-Would I fool with you? Well I did yesterday,what I really thought was Qi Gong was a chinese restaurant and that moving clouds,was about dispersing a depression,or I am fooling you now?

Have a great day everyone,bye.

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Morning All! Looks like another sunny day in Key West but with a good wind going again. It's still in the seventies with afternoon highs near 80. Very pleasant.

I read the previous day's Air every morning so I don't miss anything lol. Eric we were doing a virtual trip some time ago and I had the map of the US and Canada out plotting it. It is interesting seeing where we all are relative to one another. I have a friend living in England who is from Scotland. Will have to research from where in Scotland. That is so strange that your docs there are offended by you have a CT done. But I guess they do like being in charge here also.

Ned hope your chemo went well. I know how difficult it is to go after a break. I haven't even had a break but that little vaca last week did something. I kept forgetting I have to go today again.

Bud, doesn't sound like the weather is going to give you a day off from biking to work so you may make that "average" you want yet. The puppy is adorable.

Judy, my husband used to do a lot of work up your way. He loved that area of Michigan around the Great Lakes.

And Bruce, we haven't been to Canada for awhile but when we do, you never know. But you really are FAR.

Stephanie, during the years my husband traveled a great deal, I used to say "when the cat's away, the mice eat out." I had dinner out after cancer group with five other women last night, under the stars at John's in Duval Square. It was delightful. Three were from group and two visiting from Ohio. Ran into some neighbors at a nearby table after dinner and caused quite a stir. Seems like most of the women in our little community don't go anywhere without their husbands. My husband and I love going out together but have never felt joined at the hip. Any reaction from you guy lol???

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

For the third day in a row, it was 55 degrees this morning, with a forecast high of 80. In spite of the continued great weather, I took a day off the bike and drove to work today. I have a couple of errands to run after work, and my tired old body needs a recovery day off the bike here and there, anyway.

Stephanie, don't let those photos fool you; Pixie is a little terror. She bites our 14 year old male dog almost non-stop during her awake time. Thankfully, Chihuahua puppies don't have enough jaw strength to do much damage to furniture and other belongings, but with her needle-like teeth, she can inflict pain when she attacks a tender part of your foot.

Judy, glad you enjoyed your group and dinner. Rose definitely enjoys time out with the girls, too. Eric, a lot of doctors don't seem to like anything that's not their own idea. That's just human nature, I guess.

Have a great day, all!

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Is it too late in the day to brag on Orlando weather? It's sunny, very breezy and 80. I love April. In fact, I love everything today.

The little girl who was lost in the woods since Friday was found yesterday, alive and well. We're all thanking God. It was truly a miracle.

Now let's get back to praying for Rick and Katie. Another miracle please!!!

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Decided to wait to see who all posted today before saying HI on this glorious Wednesday. Katie and Rick are definitely in my prayers. And I found her on FB, so am getting updates there too.

I updated my last post with what the doc said today. There is hope that they will get to the bottom of this mysterious muscle problem I'm having. For that I am hugely thankful.

It's beautiful here today! It's 75, the sun is shining, no humidity, birds singing outside my window. I live out in the country, about 1/2 hour from the city, and I love the wild life that lives here. I can hear the male pheasants calling his hens in for dinner at the foot of our corn feeder. There are hundreds of birds feeding at the 8 or so feeders we have hanging off our deck. My two kitties love it when the windows are open so they get to watch kitty TV, which is the birds outside! They are indoor cats, so they only get to watch through a screen.

Hubs has a dinner business meeting tonight, so I think I'm taking myself out to dinner! I have a place that I like to go to where I know everyone, and feel very comfortable sitting there having dinner. I chat with the workers, and read a little bit, and it's just very nice.

I'm feeling very content today.

Judy in MI

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