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Prayers needed UPDAted


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Hey all! I know I have not been posting much been busy. Unfortunately, my dad has had a cough for about 3-5 months been urging him to go to Dr. and he would keep refusing. Finally, without me knowing he went. His Dr called him today to tell him they found a node on his lungs, Dr said not cancer but wants to start him on abx. Well he goes in tomorrow to talk about it. He is a lifetime smoker and this has me really worried.

Asking for extra prayers please


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Okay, Heidi, Dad added to the list. I already have Mother and you there - so I've got the whold family covered now. I surely hope the doc is correct when he says 'no cancer' but I know we never rest until we know for certain.

Hope you're doing better and feeling stronger as time goes by.



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Well from what my mom is telling me, the doctor thinks it is some "dried" up phlegm back from when he had his cough in January. He is calling it inflammation. He was put on steroids and will have a follow up in two weeks and a repeat CT scan in 3 months.

Thank you all for your prayers and support


Heidi :D

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