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Saturdays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Grey overcast sky this morning and chilly too,back to wearing my winter wooly jumpers,still free of Iceland volcanic fallout,thank goodness.Didnt get to do the gardening yesterday too many other distactions came along.I am sporting my new haircut,the hairdresser asked me how I wanted it cut,I replied just tidy it up a bit,and get rid of the grey ones,he repied,you want me to shave your head?- cheeky monkey.Well almost time to shed the casual gear and back to the shirt and tie on Monday.

Hi Stephanie I hope you enjoyed your building site tour yesterday,thanks for your attachment showing the buildings they look stunning and a great asset to Seattle.I have heard of Bill Gates philanthropy but his contribution towards the construction costs is amazing,and the aims of his foundation certainly restores your faith in human nature.We have many fine buildings in Scotland which were funded by Andrew Carnagie who by comparision to Bill

Gates spent similar ammounts on charities,though apparently he was a real nasty person towards the workforce who created his wealth.

Bud,My job isnt all plain sailing,try teaching a group of young adults between 16 and 20 years old,and I will bet you would agree, these holidays are absolutely necessary to keep your sanity.

Bye for now.

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"cheeky monkey"????? :lol:

I love reading your Scotlandish sayings! Funny story about the grey hair! Are you a teacher? You spoke of teaching young adults, so I'm curious about your occupation.

It's sunny here today, but very cold. Had a freeze warning last night, and I'm sure it happened. Hope my flowers can survive it.

Have a wonderful Saturday.

Judy in MI

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Hi Joppette,

Yes my posh title is Senior Lecturer in Design and Construction,my teaching committment is 15hrs per week,delivering such subjects as technical drawing,building science,mechanics,maths and theory,the remaining time I spend in administration,helping to run the School.

You like Scottish sayings?How about one of my favourites,which I wish for you "Lang may yer lum reek"

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We know Andrew Carnegie well here as well. We have a great library system and a recent "Libraries for All" campaign included building a bunch of new facilities, but also restoring our cherished Carnegie libraries. Sadly, our Central Library has been replaced two or three times - the newest is a show stopper by Rem Koolhaas - a long way from the beaux arts, neoclassical, or Moorish stylings of the early 20th century.

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I'm back. Just took a raspberry/blueberry french yogurt cake out of the oven and put in a loaf of yeast bread to bake. We did a Costco run this afternoon. Non-sequitur.

We have had sun, rain, rainbows, and thunder today. I think it is time for me to rest now. Good night (Judy in KW, I'll be thinking about you as I eat my cake!)

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