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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Looks like I beat Eric in but missed yesterday altogether. Uncharacteristically overcast today. Sounds like my daughter and family at the water park in Orlando may be rained out today.

Just took a raspberry/blueberry french yogurt cake out of the oven

I swear Stephanie, I read that line and said out loud "Oh man!" I have a bag of frozen fruit in the freezer and am going to have to make a cake/cobbler. What do you recommend? Never mind it's going to blow my efforts to lose a few pounds (again, I gained them back lol). By the way, followed Eric's lead to the photo of Gates' new campus. Beautiful.

Morning Judy, hope weather is good on the Lakes.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Hi Judy,

OOOPS,sorry I didnt think you would be up by the time I came home from ABC,I should have checked!!.Never mind the readers can have twice the fun,and half the excuse for not adding their airs,maybe this could be a real busy day online-anyway what on earth are you up so early for?

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Hey all, hope things are going well. Doin okay here.

Yup, blueberry / Raspberry french yogurt cake sounds like a diet breaker to me. So wierd about all the airline problems being caused by invisible grit, least that's what I heard it called on the news. Couple airlines have made test flights to see if they receive any damage but I don't know how much I'd wanna be one of the guinea pigs on the first flights that are carrying people. Seem to me when a plane falls out of the sky that could hurt.

Starting to get a little excited about playing next week at the Cancer survivors luncheon. Just gives me more reason to keep on trying. I'm so winded all the time that my phrasing when I sing had top all be altered to fit the amount of air I have to work with.

Gonna try to post a pic of my new guitar here so bear with me. Have a great day all.post-30360-141270978565_thumb.jpg

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Hi Donny,

Didnt know you played acoustic guitar,I also play,I have a Yamaha,like Paul McCartney I play left-handed,would be great if we could get to-gether for a jamming session?I do have to add I am self taught and I dont think I am ready for my public yet,if am not playing my guitar and singing by myself,I will when asked by my friends to bring out my guitar at a party,fully how they always wait until later in the evening after they have had a few drinks,you dont think theres a connection there do you?

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Hi everyone,55 here today but doesnt feel like it with the wind blowing.Judy speaking of diets,my wife is diabetic and is always trying to watch her weight. I know it is a struggle for her and sometimes I feel bad because I am one of those people who can eat all I want and never gain a pound. Nice guitar Donny. Eric,each day I read a little bit of history trivia and music trivia. The other day I read where your very own Bay City Rollers got their name by throwing a dart at a world map and it landed on Bay City Michigan.

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