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Sundays Air

eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Well should really say good afternoon,as it is now here in Scotland,was a bit rushed this morning trying to get ready for ABC,so left morning air until I came home.

Weather here taken a turn for the worse,was hoping to sit out today and read the Sunday papers,however its very overcast and cold looks like we are in for some rain.Stephanie,you had sun,rainbows and thunder all in one day?when did you move to Scotland?.

Well the Icelandic Volcano has left my neighbours and friends Irene and Jim stranded in Tenerife (an island off Spain)goodness knows when they will get home-can you imagine the horror of being standed on a sunny holiday isle and not being able to get back home for work on time-dreadful.

Nothing much to report to-day,I must say that I have really enjoyed my stint in the dawn chorus chair-but all good things must come to an end-though I will continue to put my tuppence worth in when I come home from work in the evening.

Well in the words of an ancient Scottish saying,

Hasta Lavista (I think?)

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