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Off SUbject here (part II)


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Hey guys,

Thank you so much for your well wishes!

I forgot to add how the baby was born.

The birth mother called us this am needing a ride to the hospital. She wasn't even sure she was in labor. Because I had to stay home with my son, Rick went alone and took her in our Jeep Liberty. The hospital she is registered at is 15 minutes from her apt.--but they did not make it-

She delived the baby in OUR CAR! :shock: Needless to say Rick was totally FREAKED out and floored! That is how our daughter was born. When she grows up we can tell her she was born in her daddy's car! Everyone at the hospital has joked with us that we should name her "Liberty" ! :D (I might have really considered it had this been July! LOL)

No pictures yet, as these first 48 hours are tense and nervous ones. In the state of Tx, the birthparents only get 48 hours to "think" before they must relenquish their rights permenantly.

In some states the statuatory waiting period is a LONG 6 months, so we are happy about it only being 48 hours, but these 48 hours will be the longest hours ever!!

The birth parent did choose to sign all the paperwork today, and we will be able to take her home tomorrow, so we have named our new daughter-

Kennedy Jessica Brown

(I'll bet you know where I got "Jessica" from :wink: )

Thank you for your well wishes,


Katie, Rickey, Hunter & Kennedy

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Dear Katie and Rick

I feel like I have been gone forever. What wonderful news. I had to reread because I wasnt sure I read your great news right the first time. What a beautiful name for your new baby. I know Jessee is looking down and very proud of his grandbaby and namesake. CONGRATULATIONS!!!

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Rick must be just speachless with this new addition to the family! Wow what a baby book this little girl will have. I am so happy for you. Where did you get Kennedy? Being a person raised in the BAY state , the home of John Kennedy , any connection? Keep us posted. Donna G

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what great great news for you, Rick and Hunter----

after your horrible last year , what a well deserved ray of sunshine to come in to your life---

hope your bundle of joy is home in your arms shortly-if not already

regards and best wishes to the newborn

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I can relate as to the birth place. Our grandson was born in the front seat of my son's car, at the entrance to the emergency room.

Hey, maybe we have a group within a group started here. How many others can relate?

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Guest Karen C

Katie and Rick,

Big congrats on the new addition to your family! I think it's great that you have adopted, and I think it's even greater than there's only a 48 hour wait in Texas for the birthparents to change their minds! Ha! I think it's six months here in Virginia which was another factor in choosing China for our daughter.

Welcome to the Better Than Homemade parenting club (ok, you have one homemade child and one Better than Homemade child - the best of both worlds!)

I bet your little boy is thrilled to be a big brother. We had a five year old in our travel group to China, he was getting a little sister, and a prouder little boy you will never meet!

Take care and again, huge congrats on this wonderful event!

Karen C. (husband to Dave C, mom to our miracle Faith)

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Guest Estrea

AND WELCOME BACK TO THE WORLD OF BABIES! I am so thrilled for you both! Now it's back to Baby Einstein, no sleep, "be careful of the head" and, well, it will all come back too quickly!

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We are both excited!!! I am a night owl anyway so I dont think the loss of sleep will be a huge issue. I was actually awake Friday at 4 am when I was called to make the trip to the hospital. I spend all the late evenings and early morning hours doing web stuff and learning on my own. I try not to miss out of may family time so that leaves only late hours...

It may take some getting used to with the dirty diapers and all that stuff that we had done before. I am just so excited!! I would prefer to let the doctors handle the deliveries from now on. That was just more than I wanted to see... But oh what a story I'll have to tell her when she is older.

When our son Hunter was born, we had bought everything anyone could imagine... like infared camera systems, oak changing stations and so on.. the stuff wasnt even used, so you could say we have learned a little cost savings from the 1st one.

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