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meso trials at memorial sloan kettering lookign for recruits


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The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York City is planning on conducting three clinical trials to test various methods of treatment for mesothelioma. The center is currently seeking participants for each of these studies.

Malignant mesothelioma is a form of cancer that most commonly develops in the lining of the lungs. There is no cure for this cancer and most treatment options only offer palliative care. The primary cause of this rare disease is exposure to asbestos and patients often do not exhibit symptoms until it has reached the advanced stages of development.

One of the trials being performed will use the investigational drug CBP 501, which is an enzyme that affects cell division in cancerous cells. In addition to receiving CBP 501, patients will also be given the chemotherapy drugs Alimta and Cisplatin, both of which are commonly used in standard treatments for mesothelioma.

A second trial will evaluate the effectiveness of Everolimus, which affects mTOR, a molecule that helps cancer grow. Anyone trying to qualify for this clinical trial must have adequate lung function.

The third clinical trial will study the use of chemotherapy followed by Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy. Those entering this trial cannot have any previous history involving chemotherapy or radiation treatment.

All patients interested in participating in these clinical trials will be evaluated by the Sloan-Kettering research team to determine if they qualify.

Additional information about mesothelioma may be found through the Mesothelioma Center.

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