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Wednesday's Air


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Where is everybody? Guess I'll start today.

Many of you may not remember me but I'm back. Seems like it's hard to stay away from old friends. This site did so much for Bill and I back when we were in battle. The battle was won over two years ago and now life is good. Still missing him terribly but when I look back and see all he did during his two years from diagnosis to the end was all so my life would be more complete makes me love him more every day. He was a very strong, deliberate, passionate man.

It's overcast this morning but expected to get into the mid 80's with partly cloudy skies. On my way shortly to take sister to therapy. Hope all is well and you're enjoying the blessings of the day.

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Morning All! Thanks for opening Laurie. I've been so busy this week I haven't put your numbers in my phone yet but am so excited about us meeting. As I said, a couple of years ago I started trying to meet as many members as I could on my travels. You will make five!

I'm late because it's such a beautiful 75 degrees this morning. I took my tea and newspaper out on the porch and sat with Stan. I was gone most of the day and evening yesterday and will meet with the accountant for lunch today. Got to spend some time with the man, and no he didn't catch a mutton. Only a couple of small yellow tail that he threw back. But yes Bud for him, any day out on the water is a good day. Hope you are feelin well. Can't believe you are biking with shingles. Donny, good luck with the truck. Buying a vehicle always felt like a major decision for me even when it was new and we haven't bought many of them in our lifetime.

So many interesting topics yesterday, hard to choose a response. Muriel, my son always wanted to work with NASA but when it came time to choose they didn't have a comparable salary to Westinghouse-Simens. Now W-S are moving engineers to NC and David wishes he could be with NASA.

Judy, the Artprize event sounds awesome. But I kept thinking how do they calculate the gain to the city when it costs almost $750,000 in prize money. Wow.

Eric, your art tale reminded me of going to an exhibit when I was an over-aged college student. It was a NY artist on our PA campus. We walked in and the entire room was covered with huge larger than life canvases with portraits of mechanical men or robots of some sort. To the chagrin of some of my art dept friends, I protested it was definitely not art in my view.

Also, my sister is into the Ancestry thing because my paternal line is a huge mystery. Lately tho, it looks like she may be getting somewhere with her connections on fb.

Got to go now so have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 52 degrees as I pedaled to work this morning. The forecast high is 80 degrees.

Not much on my mind today except that I hurt, from my shoulder to my leg. This is not going to be fun. I guess I need to adopt Rose's attitude on it. When my shingles diagnosis was finalized, her first words were, "At least it's not cancer!"

Have a great day, all.

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Good morning!

Yesterday's topic was so interesting. As I've said before, it's so cool to read about other people's lives, and locale. I've never been overseas in Europe, and that is a goal of mine, to do that.

Now, Judy in KW, how they raise the money is that you must buy a ticket to get a wrist band that allows you to view the art. And they have a trolley going around, and you must buy a ticket for that too. Then they have Corporate sponsors that fork over dough for it as well. The restaurants and retails shops want people to shop and eat, so they are eager to sponsor the event. We had over 100,000 people come to this last year. It truly is a boon to the City.

Bud, the biking must be so painful with the shingles. I'm so sorry you are suffering with this. I pray it is just a short blip on the screen of your life.

Eric, I missed your post on art. I'll go back and read it.

Well, got to go. Been sitting around all day, and need to get some errands run.

Judy in MI

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Hey all, sure is great to see so many different people opening and sharing the air. Takes pressure off of Judy in KW and makes the whole thing feel less formal.

I decided to share a little info about where I live. Wyoming is big and empty. Doing census right now and I'm afraid for the 1st time we may be over a half million people in the state. We've been hanging in at about 499 thousand for a long time. In the early 1900s I believe about 1914 - 16 there was a major oil strike found about 30 miles north of my hometown, Casper. The economy grew so fast and furious that for the only time in history the U.S. govt. issued 1 million dollar bills but they were only circulated in Casper, Wy. This is where the Rockefellers made their fortune. Wyoming is also the home of the 1st U.S. national park, Yellowstone, established in 1872. We are the 2nd highest state in average elevation, 6700 ft is the average elevation while Colorado is 6800 ft. Our local unemployment rate dropped by half a percent last month, construction is still going pretty well here. Our economy is based largely on minerals, mining, oil, uranium, coal, soda ash, etc.

Well nuff of that stuff, I am wiped out from the last couple days, I have been out on the go for 3 days straight and man it has taken it out of me. It felt good to actually be doing things but it sure has wiped me out. I talked to the office mgr. at work yesterday and it's official, I don't have insurance anymore. Guess I better not have anymore dying spells. Well at least until I qualify for Medicare.

Have a great day everyone and hug someone today, they need it as much as you do.


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Hi Ned,

What can I say,thank you so much for doing my picture for me,your skills are second to none,I still find this technology so amazing,sending pictures throughout the world,isnt it great.

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