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The start of chemo


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I first want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for the words of encouragment and advice you gave for my Dad. Yesterday he started his 4 week chemo program and all went well except his blood pressure was nearing nerver before seen numbers but he soon relaxed and he was underway. I must admit, the sight of seeing him start his program hit me like a ton of bricks but it was an encouraging day. I passsed on to him all the well wishes and suggestions and he was extremely grateful and metioned that he would like to join this family in the very near future. Thanks again for everything, talk to you all very soon.


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Jim starting chemo is emotional but often in a good way! It tells us that something is being done to fight the cancer and not just wait for it! Its like the round one bell at a prize fight! now be a great Corner guy and kick some cancer butt with your dad!!

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Jim, so glad both you and Dad got encouragement from us. I remember my first chemo day, and I was a bundle of nerves. But I tried to stay positive through it all, and I think I did. It was not fun, but it was doable. And survivable. i wish the best for your Dad,and will be happy when he joins us here.

Take care,

Judy in mI

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Jim, I know I speak for all of us here that we are very glad we were able to be of help. And we will be here for you and to welcome your Dad when he's ready to come aboard.

So glad the chemo went well. You didn't say what chemo he was taking. If it includes Avastin, please watch that blood pressure. It is known to send it sky high in a small number of people. I was one of them and after they rushed me off to an MRI when I complained of headaches, I stopped reporting until I nearly stroked out. Watch for that if he's taking Avastin. They can control the bp if they know it's ongoing. Apparently, in the beginning mine kicked in after and between chemo infusions.

Stay in touch.

Judy in KW

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I'm glad your dad's first chemo went well. Hopefully he found it wasn't as bad as he feared. For a lot of folks that's a big hurdle. It's also pretty common to feel fairly good the day of and the day after chemo and then to feel tired and achy for the next 3-4 days. It all depends on what chemo regemine your dad is on, but we have folks here who have been on just about everything and can help with any issues or questions your dad may have.

I look forward to meeting him soon!


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