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Morning All! the clock said 5-something when I woke up this morning and the sky outside my window is still blue and pink so don't know what kind of day it is lol.

Key West is 129 miles southwest of Miami, Florida, (about 160 driving miles) and 106 miles north-northeast of Havana, Cuba. Cuba, at its closest point, is 94 statute miles south.

Eric, a "trip" for us can be anything from a jaunt to Miami to a real trip to far-reaching places in our RV. We've traveled as far as California and Canada in our last coach. The current trip is to Orlando's MD Anderson Cancer Center (about 8 driving hrs). I was dx'd and treated there for over 2 yrs til I finally started treatment in KW. I go to MDA every 3 mos for scans and appmt with my onc. We usually spend a week visiting my daughter in Port St Lucie on the way and my son in Oviedo near OR. You'll be around for the big trip in late June that will take us to Ohio, Indiana and Pennsylvania near NY state on a working trip. I have fun with that one, signing off on the Air with "Judy in..." for the duration of the trip. I may be rolling down the highway when I post because I have a AT&T mobile internet device and service. Just one of the little reasons my husband and I still work lol.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Morning,

Absolutely beautiful day in Orlando. All the windows are open and the breeze is blowing through the house. What shall I do today? It's a perfect day to wash windows but I'm afraid I'll have to be a tad bit more motivated to get that accomplished.

Judy and Eric. Bill and I too, traveled in our RV from 2002 to 2007. We traveled throughout the US and Canada missing only 5 states. We LOVED it out West. The whole US is so beautiful. I have always been amazed at the different landscapes encountered while traveling into a new state, especially in the West. I loved traveling through small towns and meeting people in local shops and restaurants. I really miss those days. I have a big trip planned for Aug to Oct. Looking forward to that.

Hope everyone's day is good today. Looks like it's pretty cool up North but we're enjoying a low humidity day. WooHoo!!

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 45 degrees as I rode to work this morning. It's hard to believe how many 40 something degree mornings we're still having here, this close to May. But the warmup is coming. It's supposed to be 82 degrees this afternoon, and 86 degrees tomorrow afternoon.

Here's geography for the day. Crowley is a south suburb of Fort Worth. Fort Worth is the 17th largest city in the United States, and was established originally in 1849 as a protective Army outpost.

Have a great day, all!

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Heyall, beautiful morning here in ghost town, (we had the name first). The liar on TV about the weather says it's sposed to get nasty again this week. I'd love to have a job where you get paid to be wrong most of the time and never even have to apologize for your wrongevity.

My hometown was named for a Lieutenant in the cavalry, his name was Caspar Collins, somewhere along the line it was mis-spelled and just stayed that way. There was a cavalry fort here that was named for him and it was spelled right. It has been preserved as a museum and is a nice attraction as well as being educational.

Hope everyone has a good day..


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Hi everyone,

Got in late today, work is so busy right now. Yes, it's volunteer work, but it's work none the less, just work that I love. :D

Fun fact about Grand Rapids. It was occupied with Native Indians back in the 1860's, and an explorer came and saw this amazing wide river, and thought it'd be prefect for floating logs from the forests up North, to the new town, to build homes, and businesses.

Hence the name, GRAND Rapids.

I grew up in a home in the City that was built in 1865, and it was so cool! It had 4 stories, and an elevator. An original Otis elevator. I could do laundry in the basement, load it on the elevator, stop at each floor and unload what I needed and keep on going.

It was cold here this morning, but that's not unusual. I never plant my flowers until after Memorial day because it's inevitable that we will get some more hard frosts before then. But I love Spring, with the cool mornings, mild afternoons, and evenings. I adore this weather.

Have a good night/or day depending on where you live.

Judy in MI

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