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Sunday's Air


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Morning All! Just lost my whole post! Here goes again. On the road again da da da da on the road again....Beautiful trip us the Keys with the sun shining on the Gulf on our left and the Atlantic on our right. Glorious. Just a week's trip to Port St Lucie, Orlando, PSL again and back home. Should be fun. I'll be meeting Laurie and then having a family May BDs party on Saturday. Wendy and family are coming up and staying over in a cabin at our campground Saturday. So even tho it's a scan trip, we'll make it fun.

Thanks for keepinbg the Air going guys. TS, I hope your workshop has a final positive outcome for you. I know what you mean about not having the energy for the yard. My shade room is calling to me but my orchids don't seem to mind a little neglect. They keep on blooming for me. Judy we are all waiting impatiently with you for your Monday appmt. Somebody has to do something to give you relief soon. Mike I love your snippets of history. I do remember. It seemed so romantic at the time. Now it's kind of like, what were her parents thinking! How old was she?

Have a great day everyone. Pop in Eric. Your Q&As keep us stimulated.

Judy in Marathon

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Hey folks

Another bright sunny day in the knife.

Judy in KW it sounds like you are going to have a nice trip. With all the anxiety of scan time it is good that you will be enjoying it as well. So we will be looking forward to news from both Judy's this week.

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I don't think the workshop had anything to do with it, but this morning, I assume part of my recent troubles are due to another kidney stone attempting to pass. Agony. I had to leave and went to urgent care, no great drugs this time. Home, hoping to feel better soon.

Weird, last Thursday afternoon I was feeling very good, then during dinner - just knew something was not right. Had not anticipated this!

It is one thing, and another.

Have a good trip Judy.

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I've had only one bout with a kidney stone — no fun at all. Everybody was commenting about how "tiny" it was, both on CT and later when I captured and presented it to my PCP. Maybe it was tiny, but it sure felt like it tore up a lot of real estate!


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