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Any members at MDA who'd like to give a recommendation? There's a newly dx. person who is looking for the "best" at MD Anderson.

Give your recommendation and why if you've any experience there. Thanks so much!


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I had to choose MDA in Orlando because the distance to Houston was out of the question. My PCP said that's where he would go and Time magazine named MDA the top cancer center in the USA three years running at the time I was dx'd ('07). MDA in Orlando shares in all the research benefits of Houston so I figured I'd be o.k. And my onc spent 10 yrs at Houston before coming to Orlando. It's very comprehensive with a team approach. It's very professional and everything you need is right there. It's patient oriented and for the most part, the personnel are warm and fuzzy. I am still with my onc there and go every three months for scans and clinical with her. After traveling to Orland for more than 2 yrs, I'm going to KW now for my infusions every 3 wks because of the distance factor. They do the job but boy do I miss the comforts of MDA!

Highly recommended.

Judy in KW

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Guest hearrean

If you mean as to an Oncologist there, I would certainly recommend any of them in the Thoracic Center-Main Bldg., but I particularly like mine, who is Dr. Jonathan Kurie. Always full of optimism....

Sometimes getting started there can be a long process, so if your friend finds that to be the case, I might recommend trying to see a Surgeon in the Thoracic center first. For whatever reason, it seems it is easier to get the 1st appointment going this route. If your friend does that, I might recommend Dr. Mehran. He would see her/him & then set up all the initial testing, etc. Once those results are in, he would refer them to a Thoracic Oncologist there in the same offices. This is the route I chose initially & it got me an appointment within 1 week. Hope this helps..


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