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Tuesday's Air


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Morning All! Overcast in FL today, not at all our usual sunny skies. I guess I should have taken a hall pass. Didn't realize how busy having fun I would be in PSL. The time passed so quickly I didn't even remember until last night that my "no carbs day" was today. I think I hate this more than the scan itself. Never mind the six hrs no food which means after bedtime unless I want to get up and eat at 3 in the am.

We're traveling today and if your reading Laurie, I left you a voice mail. Call me when you can and we'll set up a time to meet.

Cutting it short today. My eyes have been worse than I remember them since last year. Makes being in the computer painful.

Judy in KW

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Judy, sorry your eyes are still bothering you so much. Wishing you the best on the tests tomorrow.

There's not much to report here. Weather: gorgeous. Spasms: not so gorgeous. But I'm hanging in there. Getting the EMG next Wednesday, so we shall see if that shows anything.

They are looking at possible neuropathy now. Yippee!

Judy in MI

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Judy in KW.......so happy I got a chance to finally speak with you. Sorry about your eyes tiring quickly. I know the computer wreaks havoc on mine sometime. Looking forward to meeting you on Thursday.

Judy in MI.......too bad you didn't have some kind of a solution by now. What do they have in mind if it's neuropathy? Have you tried Neurontin?

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Today is weather for the books - started out sunny, got nicely overcast so I did a little work in the yard (tore out last years aphid infested kale plants!) and as I was coming into the house, big slushy stuff was falling. Snow in May? Now, the sky is clear and blue.

Gardening = too much strain on the elbow. Ibuprofen and bag o' frozen peas for me.

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J in KW so sorry you are stuggling with your eyes still. J in MI really sorry about the pain. Pain is what diagnosed my cancer initially, and it was totally unrelated. I just beleive that God works in very mysterious ways and needed to get my attention. Laurie I'm so jealous of all of you who live on the right coast. So many to meet but my chances of ever leaving good ole Wyoming are about zippadelli. I wouldn't trade the wind and the winters here for the rest of the country put together.

Speaking of the wind it has been pretty strong the last few days, then there are periods like right now when it stops altogether for an hour or so, then comes back with a vengeance. I marvel in the power of the invisible forces, wind, water, earthquakes, floods, it is all amazing.

I played my gig last Friday for the cancer survivors luncheon. The whole affair was just beautiful, I struggled terribly with my music but everyone was very gracious and appreciative and I love them for it. I have been stuggling since then too.

Today I bought my concentrator from my oxygen company instead of renting it anymore, I lost my insurance and can't afford 450. per month rent. My oxygen company has been very good to me and we made a deal on all of their services so that they will continue to take care of me and my breathing needs, it just will be more affordable now that I have to foot all the bills.

Wulp, take care all and see ya soon.


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