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Thursday's Air


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Afternoon All! One day at MDA down and one to go.

No carb yesterday made for a not so pleasant girl. Likewise this morning with no food from 8 pm last night til past noon time today. I'm feed now and relaxing on the couch. Don't have to do anything except get up and go to dinner later. Laurie and I are having breakfast in the morning. Can't wait.

Weather's here is nice today in Orlando. It says 87 degrees with only 57 humidity. Not too bad. Of course I'm sitting in the AC.

Eric, didn't know anyone would really want to hear the rest of Robert's story but here goes:

When Mr. Otto died in 1974, his long forgotten doll was left in the attic of the old house. Neighbors began reporting hearing an "evil giggle" coming from the attic, some even claimed to hear the doll moving about and peering from the attic window.

Despite the fact that La Concha was approved as a Holiday Inn franchise, this lurking spirit has proved to be an enduring nuisance to guests.

Eventually, the notorious doll was removed and placed on display in the East Martello Museum. But, the attic of the Artist's House was not freed of ghostly presence... soon after the doll's departure, the ghost of Gene Otto's wife, Anne, took up residence - standing guard against the return of Robert's evil spirit!

Seeing Robert the doll is believing. He is an evil looking bugger.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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