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No false hope...


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sometimes things are so dire and the cards are stacked so high against you that any shread of hope may seem like "false" hope.


life and my God proved to me a couple of weeks ago that there is no such thing as false hope...where there is breath and life...hope still lives.

My friend, a long time lung cancer survivor, was faced with a recurrence.

Her doctors were certain that her "nodules" were a return of her cancer.

Because of previous aggressive treatment years ago she suffered alot of permenant damage to her heart and one remaining lung.....

If the cancer had come back her options were certainly only pallative at best. Not a candidate for any surgery, radiation or standard chemotherapy.

They decided to wait 3 months to scan again. "Go enjoy life", the medical experts said.

So we chatted about "what ifs".

We each pretending like it wasn't as serious as it was.

We talked about our families and laughed and circled the seriousness of what laid ahead for her.

and I prayed. and I prayed and I prayed.

Her scans were two weeks ago.

The nodules had SHRANK.

Is this a reprieve? Had she been pardoned or was she now on parole that could be revoked at any minute?

No one can know. BUT we can see the nodules shrinking and going away all on their own...and with that we all breathe a small sigh of relief.

there is no false hope.

Hang onto it as tightly as you can.

Love you friends,


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I'm not sure any of us can be considered 'pardoned' ~ on parole which may last a long long time, I think. I am so pleased to hear this news. May things continue going in the right direction ~ maybe it could be probation!!!!! Probation for many years. You know I believe all things are possible. Pass along my heartfelt sentiments, please.


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