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My mom has lung adenocarcinoma with a kras mutation. She had her tumor resected in '09 and then adjuvant chemotherapy (taxotere and venorelbine) for 8 treatments. Ct scan in July '09 was clear. 6 months later in Jan. '10 there was a recurrence in her lungs (10 spots). She went on Alimpta and Avastin for 2 treatments and Ct scan showed that it remained stable was did not shrink. Mom found out about a alternative therapy which she wanted to try so went off the chemo. Next Ct/Pet scan (May'10) showed more spots and that the others grew. Now she has to decide whether to go on Alimpta again without Avastin (because she is spitting up blood) or Gemzar. Help please as this decision is really difficult! Anyone know about this kras mutation and what would help most? Thank you so much!

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we do ahve access to a medical Lung cancer Oncologist at this site. IF you click the link it will get you there !


Many of our members here also belong to that site! Dr West of the Swedish institute volunteers his time to answer and help with our Medical questions over there! We can tell you about side effects and that type of thing and offer lots of emotional and spiritual support here as well. Membership is also free over there as well! Please let us know how you make out and keep us posted here as well. We understand and can help immensely !

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