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Tuesday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 70 degrees as I rode to work this morning. It's supposed to get up to 90 degrees this afternoon, and I'll be battling a strong headwind on my ride home.

My sister had to evacuate her 28th floor office as the storms approached Oklahoma City yesterday. It sounded pretty scary. I was glad that it all missed us here.

Have a great day, all!

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Cloudy and dreary here today. Good day for napping.Im getting so lazy anymore its not funny. I know I cant do all I once did but Im capable of doing alot more than I been doing.I just need to get off my butt and get motivated.

Today in History:Valu-Jet DC9 crashed in Florida Everglades.All 110 people onboard were killed.The year was 1996.

Today in music history: The #1 song was My Guy by Mary Wells. The year was 1964.

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Good Evening Everyone,

8.15pm here,end of a lovely sunny warm but working day.

Bud good to hear you enjoyed your time out and your shingles are on the mend albeit slowly,Iam sure I would enjoy sharing a fishing trip with you and a bottle of budweiser to boot,used to go fishing with my elder brother on the banks of an inland Loch called Glen Strathfarrer,its beautiful and owned by the Lord Lovat family (of commando fame) we caught trout but the salmon always eluded us,I used to smoke small cigars to keep the midgies at bay,methinks I should have forgot the cigars and accepted a few bites instead.

Going to buy a cycle this weekend,local store has some on special offer at £80 still to see them though.

Donny I just loved the old American saloon cars of the fifties,as a child I remember our local bookmaker owning a blue and white chevrolet impala( WUU3)even remember its licence plate.I used to run lines for the punters for pennies,betting in Scotland was illegal then and the police turned a blind eye to kids like me.Exciting times.

Heidi glad you had a lovely time on mothers day,what is kickball ? is it similar to soccer?.

Judy I have heard of this word before- Farmville, in facebook what is it? my daughter has added me as a friend in facebook,but I am still at a loss in understanding whats it all about,still needing more lessons from Chris?.

Bye for now.

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Wow, some things are the same everywhere. I used to keep a small cigar lit all the time when I was fishing in the evening or at night to keep the bugs off. It wasn't such a good idea after all, it seems.

I'd love to see some of the lochs there. Lake Caddo is the only natural lake in the entire state of Texas (created by an earthquake in the 1800's). All other lakes here are manmade; they started out as creeks or rivers and man impounded them to make lakes.

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Hi All,

lovely day here, high 40, blusterey winds, and lots and lots of rain. But better than Oklaholma! How frightening to be on the 28th story of a building and have to evacuate! Wow!

All this talk of lakes. Don't know if I mentioned that we live on a small lake. It is only about 80 acres, and is private. It's loaded with great fish as the lake is 85 feet deep in the middle. I'm thinking a meteor landed and created this giant hole thousands of years ago, and thus this beautiful little lake was created. There are only four homes on the lake, so it's so nice, quiet, and serene. Great ice fishing, and awesome fishing in the warmer weather.

Our neighbor is an ex-navy seal and scuba dives the lake and says there is a gigantic tortoise in the lake. He said he must be hundreds of years old. Makes me nervous when I bump something underwater!

I don't know why but this year the geese have decided to live by our dock. Don't like them much, they are very noisy and extremely dirty critters. My dog won't chase them off and that is strange because he is a bird hunting dog. They've never made their home here before. We thought the lake was too deep so they couldn't forage for food very well. Well, they changed their minds this year.

Eric, getting a bike. Fabulous!

If you are on facebook, friend us! Oh nevermind, I'll friend you and then you can track me there.


Judy in MI

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