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from milano italy for my DH


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Dear Friends

We received the result of last TC thoracic and everything seems unchanged. No strange movements..

Also blood check of VES result very good only 4. Very low.

So..good news for me.

My husband has started radio WB and with cortisone is able to cope with pain and vomit. He done it for 5 times and another 5 on the way for a total of 10. Then will follow chemio with Cisplatin + Gemcitabina for 3 chicles. (one every 21 days in day hospital + one every 8 days).

He's still asymptomatic. But really stressed out, sleepless cause the cortisone and so sad.

We contact his Homoeopathic Doc and give him some remedies for collateral symptom from radio and chemio that will start soon.

I'm restless. Is make me madden to see him so weak . I feel like days are going by without living...time is running against us.

I'm so scared that sometimes I cannot breath. I've lost 17 kg. in two months. But always smiling, positive and prompt in front of him. I love him so deeply.

Thank you all to share with me.

My best ciao from a rainy Milano


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Hi Tessa,

I'm so sorry this is stressful for you. It is frightening to watch someone we love have to endure such things. I was a care giver, before I was a survivor. My personal opinion is that being the care giver is harder. When I had cancer and chemo, I knew how I was feeling, and all my husband had was his imagination, because what he saw scared him, even though I tried to comfort him.

This journey is not a fun one. I pray for comfort for both of you.

Judy in MI

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Wishing the best for your husband's continued treatment. The early days are the worst and the best news is, the tests seem to indicate things are working. He's going thru a bad time now and I'm sure your positive attitude is helping him. Nothing wrong once in awhile though, telling him it's all very scary sometimes for you too.

Judy in KW

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