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Thursday's Air


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Hello All....

It's 66 degrees now, will get up to 88 and our humidity is coming back. We had several days of high pressure and it was near perfect.

So happy to wake up this AM and see that Randy's sister, Heidi is cancer free. Thank God.

Yesterday I responded to the "Air" and when I pushed the submit button I was brought back to the site and saw that Judy in KW was doing it at the same time. Does anyone know where the posts go that get lost in cyberspace?

Today Bill would have been 63 and we would have been married 13 years. Happy Birthday Bill, I know you're having the time of your life "up there". Can't wait to see you again.

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Morning All! Sunny and warm already in KW. Thanks for opening Laurie. I hope the day passes gently for you. Bill was way too young to go.

I logged in earlier but had company in my coach so didn't have time to post. Stan came a callin and I'd forgotten to unlock the doors lol. I did finally let him in. We visited awhile then he went back to the house to paint! Don't worry too much about him Eric. He's a workaholic.

I popped in last night and read it's still snowing in Wyoming. OMG Donny! Heidi is waiting for her vaca. I'm always happy and upbeat when I have a vaca to look forward to--away from the house, no chores or projects looking me in the eye. Eric has a great courtroom story. And Judy in MI is still playing the waiting game. Sorry dear, in this case misery doesn't love company. I hope you have little or no spasms until the 27th. Glad the biggies are ruled out though.

I have lots of computer work to keep me busy in the coach. I ran around last night straightening up the mess we made when we landed on Monday evening. I need order to work.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 71 degrees, humid, and cloudy as I rode to work this morning. There were storms just west of here, but their northeast movement was sliding them just north of me, so I went ahead and rode.

It's supposed to get up to 80 degrees this afternoon with more storms. In fact, the 10 day forecast is consistent: storms, storms, and more storms.

I stayed dry on the ride in, but whether or not I can on the ride home is iffy. There are fierce storms out near Abilene right now. Usually, whatever's in Abilene will be here in a few hours.

Judy in MI, sorry they didn't find the source of your pain. At least that's a few things eliminated. Heidi, always fun planning vacation time. Eric, that would be a fun trip. Let's both stay cancer free until I retire, and maybe I can make a trip to there.

Have a great day, all!

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Hi Everyone!

Laurie, I too hope this day is gentle on you. Bill's having quite the birthday party in heaven! I just ordered two Guidepost books, "Glimpses of Heaven", and "Crossing the Threshold" that were recommended to me. I believe my parents and sister are there and will be giving me an awesome greeting when it is my turn!

I've been taking some time to read each of your stories, and all I can say is what a bunch of tough cookies we have here. We have gone through the stuff! And look at us now. We are survivors, and living life fully and I'm inspired.

Well this has been one long, very wet, and cold week. I slept in today, I do that on Thursdays before I go to Gilda's club for the afternoon and evening. It was so nice to hear the thunder, and rain as I lolled in bed with my little kitty Tula. She loves to cuddle on my Thursday morning sleep in. Nice! Now I need to hop in the shower, eat lunch and head out.

Have a good rest of the day.

Judy in MI

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Good Evening Everyone,

Iam just looking out my upstairs study window,its raining but warm,everyones gardens look so green and all the trees are wearing their new leaves,the birds are chirping away their spirits undampened by the rain.

Who wants to hear another courtroom anecdote? you do? good.

Scenario: Jims colleague is in the witness box being cross-examined by the defence laywer of a man accused of robbing a store.

Defence Laywer-"Now constable you say you are sure that the defendant is the man you seen running out the store?"

Constable "Yes Sir".

Lawyer "Yes but wasnt this crime committed in the evening and the streets were dark?"

Constable " There was a street light nearby".

Lawyer "How near".

Constable "Well, from about here to the back of the courtroom".

Lawyer "Yes well,how high up was this light?".

Constable "Standard city lampost-say 15ft".

Lawyer "Yes but how bright was the bulb?.

Constable "A lot brighter than the questions I am being asked.

By co-incidence one of my colleagues is designing and making a replacement public bench for the one gifted to Paisley from a University in Canada in 1932.

It was for a legal landmark case Donohue v Stevenson.

Mrs Donahue had ordered a bottle of ginger beer in a cafe in Paisley in 1928,it came in an obscure glass bottle which she partially poured into a glass and drank it then emptied the remaining contents into her glass and discoved a slug.Later she developed gastroenteritis,and was determined to sue the manufacturer,however there was no law anywhere in the world that she could use,but the Scottish Legal Profession agreed she had a case to persue,but couldnt proceed since she didnt have the funds to cover the court costs if she lost.However if she could prove she was a pauper she could have legal aid,she confirmed she hadnt £5 in the whole world.She won her case and was awarded £500 which was paid to her family by the time it was paid out she had died.

To commemorate her victory,the worlds legal professions are sending representatives to Paisley next year.I dont think there will be any representatives from BP Oil?.

Got to go, see you to-morrow.

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