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Monday's Air


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Morning All! Here I am opening for a change. Don't know yet tho if Judy in MI is typing simultaneously. Lousy day again today. I haven't been watching the news but it's looking like we have a storm front hanging over us. No rain but overcast and windy. Makes me ache like the devil.

Last night was my last night sleeping in the coach. Stan finished the painting Saturday but I wanted to give myself one more night for the fumes to be gone. As Laurie can tell you, living in my coach is not exactly camping out but I miss my bed and bedroom. Think I might have lost a couple of pounds walking back and forth from the house to the coach several times a day for a week lol.

Have a great day everyone. Hey you guys, say something interesting or witty. I'm tapped out today.

Judy in KW

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 64 degrees as I rode to work this morning. It's a beautiful day, sunny, light winds, and a forecast high of 86 degrees.

Friday became the first day in almost four weeks that I didn't take any hydrocodone. I had been down to one pill a day for several days. I wasn't on hydrocodone that long after lung surgery! It says something about how painful shingles can be.

Rose, her sister, and I had fun yesterday, catching crappie at Cedar Creek Lake. It was another good crappie day, and we caught everything on the new lead-free jig heads I'm making. I've had a really good spring of crappie fishing, using them.

We also tried out some new split shot weights I made. They had to be made from a different alloy than the jig heads (a mostly bismuth alloy won't bend). I made them out of pure tin, and they worked very well yesterday.

Have a great day, all!

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Randy you deserve a good sleep after that long run of working at work and then at home.

Bud, glad to hear your no-lead split shots and jigs are working well. Between that and biking to work, you're doing your part for the planet. Any patents coming soon?

Judy in KW

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Bud, glad to hear your no-lead split shots and jigs are working well. Between that and biking to work, you're doing your part for the planet. Any patents coming soon?

Judy in KW

Judy, I'm still tinkering. Between working 45 hours a week and riding a bike 140 miles a week, it's going to be a while before anything really happens. I'm thinking I can at least prove things out and get my online store opened for unpainted jig heads and weights. The rest of it will probably have to wait until I'm not working full time any more.

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Good Evening Everyone,

Boy, only missed posting yesterday,and I feel I have fallen so far behind I am now racing to catch up.Weather to-day couldnt be better,looking out the window to a lovely sunny and warm evening the sun is just beginning to set.

Bud,first let me say I am so pleased that Rose received such wonderful news,that shes now cancer free,I always thought it was a bit much for both of you to have been affected by cancer,think God agrees and has re-addressed the situation.You certainly are doing well on all levels,good fishing trip with Rose and her sister and finding good success with your baiting ideas,long may it continue.

Judy loved your story of the sofa on the tractor,are you obliged by law in the States to wear a crash helmet when using a tractor for this method of transport,relax I wont tell on you.Hope you are shifting your heavy cold.

Dawn,where have you been hiding?missed you,regarding ceiling fans,isnt there a feather duster type thingy on a pole you can use from floor level?.

Donny,great to hear you are getting such pleasure out of the new blue truck,wishing many more years of such enjoyment.

Oh Judy,Iam so sorry about my haggis story I didnt mean to mislead you,I use it only to tease English friends of mine,and it is only in the spirit of good fun.I am most reluctant to provide the menu for haggis,until after you have tried it,but suffice to say it dosnt have any connection to birds.I share your taste buds dislike of mashed potatoes with turnip,but when it is served with the haggis they just compliment each other.

Picture the scene,a large dining room full of guests attending a Burns Night on the 25th of January,a bagpiper in full highland dress playing in the arrival of the haggis,carried on a large silver platter by a tradionally dressed cook who carries it to the top table,the piper is given as a reward a large glass of whisky which is custom to down on one gulp.Then an invited speaker

will recite- no act out-Robert Burns poem "Address to the Haggis"

"So fair your honest sonsie face great chieftain o the puddin race"etc,etc

The haggis is cut open and shared out to all present along with Tatties and Neeps(neeps being the old Scottish word for turnips).After dinner the invited speaker will act out one of Burns poems such as Holy Willies Prayer of the old favourite Tam O Shanter.The remainder of the evenings entertainment continues with funny anedotes or jokes from whoever wishes to participate.One of my favourites was from a butcher who told us of an occassion of a customer who came into his shop to buy a ham hough (lower part of a pigs leg which is used to flavour lentil or vegetable soup)Any way he was down to the last one,he lifted it from the tray and weighed it on his scales,and said thats £1.35 in that one,shes disapointed and asks do you not have anything bigger,so he puts it back on the tray,and tells her he will look in the fridge in the back shop,takes the tray with the ham hough into the back shop and simply stands for a few moments and brings the same one back in and reweighs it,theres £1.95 in this one he says,thats more like it says the customer,in fact Ill take the two of them.More laughs Judy,same butcher,he had just taken on a young girl assistant,who was a bit of a rough diamond,but good hearted and honest as the day is long,her language was just a bit well coarse, to coin a phrase,one day he was watching her serving an elderly male customer,he asked for one pork chop,two sliced sausages,two small loin chops and a quarter pound of minced beef to complete his order,"Mr Smith do you live alone?"enquired the young assistant,"Why yes I do young lady,how did you know that?"Because your an ugly old ***********.To the butchers relief,Mr Smith burst out laughing,saying thats the funnest thing thats been said to him in years.

bye for now.

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Nope not typing at the same time Judy. LOL! Probably at the time you were typing this I was still asleep. But I didn't sleep late, had contractors over today to adjust the sprinklers for Spring, and another to bring in 10 bags of salt for the water softener and change and replace the water filters. So was a busy morning.

Did not go to volunteer work today. Been feeling poorly, so went to the doctor. Sinusitis is how he dx it. Walked out with scripts for cough syrup with codeine, nasal spray, and antibiotics. Should be feeling better soon!

Well, I looked for an interesting fact about my City from 50 years ago today and found that the birth control pill was first introduced back then, much to the shock of the religious community around here. It was quite the big news from what I can tell. Back then the families were so large. Women like my Mom surely must have been happy, as she had my brother in 1953, me 1954, Dan 1955, a baby that died 1957, my sister 1958, and then my OOPS brother (who is far from an OOPS) in 1963. Sheesh!

It's another cold, cloudy day here. I think we got our Spring in March when it was unseasonably warm and pleasant. March and May got themselves mixed up. I'm sure it will be nice soon.

Was having a problem with wild geese in my lower yard. We have a corn feeder down there to attract the deer, pheasants and other wood creatures into the yard. But two geese families decided this was a fine place to raise their babies. One family had 3 babies, and the other 4 babies. Well, I was on the couch reading a book, window cracked, and heard the geese just making the biggest ruckus! They were flying all over, sqwauking, honking and sounding very ornery. I popped off the couch to see my hunting dog, just chasing them all over the place, and the Mom and Dad are rushing around their babies getting them to the bushes. I was thankful none of the babies got killed, but they have not been back and for that I am grateful. They are noisy, and very dirty. They like to take over the dock, and it makes for a cleaning job every time you want to take the boat out to fish.

Okay I'm quite the talker AGAIN. Think it's the codeine in the cough medicine.

Judy in MI

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Hi, everybody. Had a CT scan this morning. As some of you know, I always ask for a CD so I can look at the images when I get home and compare them to earlier scans, though I won't get the written report until I see my oncologist a few days later. For the most part I'm not too sure what I'm looking at, but if a particular image was mentioned in a previous written report, it's fairly simple to set up a side-by-side comparison of that image and the current equivalent. Today, for the first time since 2007, every nodule that was evident in the previous scan looks a little bit smaller!

Of course there's always the chance that something has shown up somewhere else, and I probably wouldn't hear about that until next week, but having the existing nodules in both lungs shrink even a little is encouraging, considering that Navelbine is my fourth line therapy. That's especially welcome since I'm on a reduced dosage as well as a reduced schedule (2-weeks-on and 1-week-off vs. the original 3-weeks-on and 1-week-off), and I'm tolerating that regimen well, with the main side effect being low blood counts.

So our family is taking this opportunity to celebrate, and even if I hear something less positive next week, at least we'll have had a few upbeat days!


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Wow Ned, that is wonderful. And you had a chemo break recently too if I recall?

I'm scheduled to do my blood work and scan next week, and hope to get good news the following week.

Right now, I'm feeling pretty poorly. Had a fever the last 3 days - saw the doc today and got a ton of tests for "fever, unknown origin". 50/50 chance I am having a reaction to the antibiotics that I took last week for a probably bacterial infection. I'm not aware of allergies to any antibiotics before. While waiting for the tests to be completed (amazingly, they ruled out a bunch of stuff while I was still in the office - nice to have the lab and doc in the same building!) we are treating the 50% chance - can you believe it is with a different antibiotic? Downside of not starting them, getting sicker, so I said yes. And I realize that I feel better than I have since Friday night right now. A little dinner might have helped - I ate almost nothing all weekend. I think I am on the mend.

So I guess that is my fresh air - and the tomatoes got planted last weekend, thanks to my sweetie.

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