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As some of you may know I suffer from Chiari this was a poem that a lady on the Chiari website wrote and I think it fits well here too.

like a thief in the night ,

it comes and destroys your life

the tingling numbness and pain

day after day its always the same

from within my soul screams

dear god whats happening to me

confussed and scared upon each awakening day

awaiting yet another symptom to come my way

some days i dont think i can go on any longer

im only getting weaker never stronger

so much mental torture my mind goes through

im at my wits end not knowing what to do

if i just closed my eyes and never took another breath

im sure no one would notice id eaven left

but the a still voice from within

says dont give up u cant let this illness win

so u monster thats tormented my body day and night

get the h@ll out cause i choose life

one day u may take my mind and body this is so

BUT REMEMBER THIS u cant take my soul...

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