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Question about Wheezing and Conjestion...


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Hello Everyone... I hope this posting finds everyone doing well... I just had a few questions/concerns and was wondering if anyone could inform me of what might be going on....

My dad, has been doing pretty good lately. He has many doctor appointments in the upcoming weeks and I personally am hoping that he decides to perhaps give radiation a shot again. He is still on the pain pump which has been doing him good and he is eating pretty much normal again.

However, there is this wheezing he has. Everytime he breathes in, breathes out, there is this sound that comes from inside. Wheezing is the best way that I can describe it. HE SAYS it almost feels like pleogm (flem???) in his throat/lungs. Has anyone had experience with this before or know of anything that might be going on. Could it just simply be conjestion or perhaps that darn tumour pinching something off???? I don't know and I'm kinda worried... I suppose we could go to the doctors and get them too look into it, but we all know how long that would take... So I come here,, hoping that someone knows something about what might be going on...

ALSO, my dad is in Stage IV and earlier on he was told it had spread to several different locations. (spine, liver, bones) However, the primary tumur is located in his chest. Behind his sternum (spelling)... Apparently it was about the size of a tennis ball... I was wondering why they haven't decided to do radiation there??? Why not hit it at the primary spot and then worry about the other places later??? and is there any other sort of treatment that anyone has heard of that may be beneficial in helping my dad.... He had radiation done once,,, on his lower back,, because of pain... And that seemed to work... Would it then not work on his lungs???

I thank you all for your help and any points you bring forward are greatly appreciated... I pray that this is the year that they find something, find anything, that will take this evil out of our lives forever... Take care of yourselves... Talk to you again real soon. Byeeeee


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These are excellent questions Adam. You are obviously very in tune with your Dad. While it may seem to take time to get doctors appointments, I hope you Dad feels comfortable calling his doctors with any new symptoms which arise (such as wheezing). While wheezing may be a symptom for some of us -- if it is a new one for your Dad, it should be reported.

As for radiation of the primary tumor, that is another excellent question for your Dad's doctor -- or doctors. There are many different opinions - even among the specialists. If you and/or your Dad want answers, it is not at all unusual to consult more than one oncologist or cancer center. This was a good place to start as I am sure many will share their experiences with you first. I had too many primary tumors for radiation -- so I was not a candidate (all 5 lobes).

I wish your family the best.

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