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Seeking cancer patients, survivors, caregivers in San Diego

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My name is Brandon, and I recently moved to San Diego from Florida to launch a nonprofit in honor of my mom who I lost to cancer back in 2007. I am in not here, in any way, to advertise my foundation or seek donations. The fact is, I recently incorporated and received a small, separate sponsorship from Prilosec to do some controlled shark dives and other marine-related activities for locals impacted by cancer.

Basically, after losing my mom, I decided to go on her dream trip to Australia and went shark diving during my life-embracing trip. It affected me so much, that I'm hoping to share my love of the oceans and support to others in similar situations. If you search for Heart of Travel, you can find more info about my story and foundation, but again I'm not here to promote either. This isn't about me.

My first project is simply to send someone with cancer and a friend/relative in the San Diego or possibly LA area to the new Oceans Movie by Disney. This movie has been out a while, so it may only be showing for another week or so. You have no obligation whatsoever. I simply received a small sponsorship to do some good, and this is one way I'm trying to do so.

Please let me know if you or anyone you know in San Diego or SoCal that may be interested. My thoughts and prayers are with anyone impacted by cancer.

Brandon B.



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