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Morning all! Already 82 degrees in KW. The wind is still blowing and the man is struggling to keep busy without overdoing. He doesn't have sedentary hobbies like I do (the computer being #1) so it's harder for him to do nothing. I, in turn, had no trouble doing practically nothing yesterday but the eyes are starting to guk up so my days here may need to be shortened.

If I get it in gear to get tickets, we'll go to a comedy show at the Red Barn tonight. Dinner before at NY Cafe in beautiful Duval Square under a canopy of trees. One of our favorite out-door spots, not too expensive either.

Judy, my husband suggested an immature offspring of the helping bird. The young often resemble the females and continue to be fed until a fairly large size. Whichever, it's still a lovely story. I remember haunting my back step in Kutztown PA watching a mother blue jay continue to feed and care for a fairly mature young one until it was able to fly. I loved it.

Have a great day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Good Morning,

It's beautiful here in Orlando. Mid 80's and a nice breeze from the ENE. OK, that's all I can offer meteor-logically. Went to church, great service, great book study after. Stopped at a roadside produce stand (yes they have them even in Orlando) Got some yummy peaches, tomatoes and a watermelon.

I have sand hill cranes that walk through my yard, almost daily. Right now, Mom and Dad have two chicks in tow. It's so neat to see Mom or Dad (don't know which one) scooping up a worm or bug and transferring it to the open mouth of the chicks. Even though these birds wreak havoc to the yard, they're still fun to watch.

Judy in MI. I'm anxious for my trip in late summer/early fall. I'll be traveling from Muskegon up to Kingston Ontario so I know I'll be fairly close to you. I can't wait to experience the beauty of your state.

Not much happening today. Will sit back and read. Hope you ALL have a glorious Sunday.

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Hi Laurie, good to see you on the Air. I love those sandhill cranes too. We would see them all the time when we stayed at the RV resort at Lucie West. Now just occasionally as we travel thru FL. I do understand people consider them pests but they are beautiful. And all baby animals are adorable!

Judy in KW

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Good Evening Everyone,

7.35pm just home,in Scotland sunny hot days are to be savoured so I have spent the weekend sunrise to sunset outdoors.Dont share the temperatures with you since we have gone all metric since 1971 and even yet telling you that to-day was 27C is as meaningful to you as is it to me,I wish they would go back to using farenheit,that I can understand.

Saturday invited to my young sister Irenes for a barbie,which was great fun,all the neighbours just casually arrive sporting their goodies for sharing the barbie,spent some time with the children playing chasies along with some of the other male adults,they were all to quick for me,though I did catch my nephew Max,but I dosnt really count since he is only three.In the evening all the men gathered in one house to watch the European Cup Final between Bayern Munich and Inter Milan,(Inter won 2-0)then we went home.

Sunday,went into Glasgow to visit another of my sisters,Doris, we went to Springburn Park with her family and grandchildren to catch some baggy minnows in the ponds there,then on to the swing park and finally a game of soccer with the kids then home.Couldnt spend a better weekend anywhere.Now to prepare for tomorrow and these blooming HMIe,back down to earth with a bump.

See you to-morrow God willing.

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LOL Eric on you catching your three-yr-old nephew. Sounds like a fabulous weekend. The feed you described at your sister's is often referred to as a pot luck here. Everyone knows the food at a potluck is great cause everyone is showing off their best dishes.

Good luck tomorrow at work. You missed the post where I talked about enduring a SACS review which sounds similar to your ordeal. Suffice it to say, I do empathize.

Judy in KW

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Hi all!

Today was a major church day! Served at first service, went to second service, and had our annual church conference from 5:00-8:00 tonight! Whew!

We did get our boat today. We took it through the car wash to get the mold and mildew off it after six months in storage. He is on the water still fishing. Am curious how he plans to get back up the hill (big hill) in the pitch dark which is here now. Whatever...not going to worry about it.

Eric, I love reading your posts with these phrases that just bamboozle me! LOL! I agree with KW Judy that your Barbie sounds like a pot luck here. Sounds like you had a wonderful weekend. Nice to read.

Laurie, I love sand hill cranes. I love their prehistoric screech, their fantastic large size, and everything else. They don't come on to our land for long with our dog. But they reside on the hill across from our lake and we love them.

KW Judy, I think your Hubs might be right that this was a young off spring of the male. It was inspiring none the less.

K, going to sign off.

Judy in MI

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