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Off Subject III Kennedy's Picture


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Oh, Katie, Rick, what a beautiful baby!

I want to hold her after Connie....

Such joy in the midst of such anguish over cancer....

Life does go on, doesn't it? brings tears to my eyes....

She is truly beautiful, and she has the rest of her life in front of her.

God bless all of you, Hunter too.

(Boy, are you going to have some stories to tell...).

Much love and affection... sharing your joy....


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Rick and Katie,

Your little girl Kennedy Jessica Brown, is so beautiful.... There is no gift as wonderful as a baby and the love and joy she will bring to you. God closes one door and opens another. May God bless you all as she grows into a beautiful person. She is a very lucky child to have you both. :D:D:D


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Katie and Rick-

I'm thrilled for you! Your news made that little shiver of pleasure go through my heart and it takes a lot these days to do that. She is absolutely beautiful. Thinking of her with you makes me sit here grinning as I type this. I know the two of you must be wearing permanent ear-to-ear grins. It's wonderful how she came into your life with such beautiful timing.

By the way, my first-born was a boy, with a girl to follow six years later, so I can identify, and it was fine. They were oh-so-close. She had quite a case of big brother worship and he was protective (that is, when he wasn't picking on her, of course!) :lol:

Don't hold back on the pictures. They're sunshine for our souls.


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She's SO beautiful...I agree with everyone else. We need monthly or weekly updates on sweet, little Kennedy Jessica Brown. Besides filling your lives with great joy, she will be like an angel to us all, brought to Earth to help us all to smile again. :D

Share those proud "big brother" moments of Hunters with us, too. Sibling relationships at this time are so precious...they haven't learned to fight yet. LOL

Thanks for sharing your blessing with us!

Karen M.

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She is adorable but let me just say, I am tired LOL... Staying up all night working the web and so on just doesn't compare.

Thursday was my 1st day and night alone with Kennedy as Katie had to go back to work. From Thursday until now, I feel like I have been hit by a mac truck.. lol. I guess I need to pamper Katie a little more as she has been doing 80% of it around here.

I also now have Kennedy sticking her tongue out all the time, Katie does'nt like that too much.. lol...

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Rick and Katie

You have to understand...seeing and enjoying these pictures is just like doing it with our immediate families :D , so keep 'em coming!

Hope you guys are doing OK. I remember how much energy it takes, but also how much joy it brings. Love to all of you.

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