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Almost 4 years!!!


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That is just great - makes me smile and hope I am in the same line as you.

When you had CXR instead of CT's did you get really worried at first. I have had CT's every time but my June checkup is going to be just a CXR so I'm worried.......

Well if i wasn't worried about that odds are i could find something else.

Anyway - A very very big congratulations!


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Thanks guys!

Annette - I was nervous about the CXR's, but over time I have gotten used to the schedule. I never seem to worry when I am going for an x-ray, but boy, that once a year CT scan certainly has me shaking in my boots! The scary thing with this type of cancer is that I am never out of the woods - I have to be followed for the rest of my life because it can return after many years. This year, wouldn't you know it I started having more trouble breathing and was using more Bricanyl. Thought for sure the cancer was back - turns out ... simple asthma and just need to start a daily dose of something to help that out.

So, I guess on the positive I only have a break down once a year as opposed to more often?!? Good luck on your testing in June and don't hesitate to reach out when you are freaking out before test time!



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Great news Linda. I think I heard you shouting out with joy on your results from way up north...........or was that the wine. Have a great summer.

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