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Morning All! 79 degrees in KW. Amazing that we are cooler than many northern locals. We are trying to enjoy porch time while we can.

Woke at 5:30 this morning and say the heck with this and went back to sleep. Woke just in time to say bye to Stan before he went out fishing. I had suggested I'd go with him a couple of days ago but rethunk being out in the sun all day with my eye condition that makes me very light sensitive. Seems like it's always something that keeps me land-bound.

Not up to small talk yet this morning so have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

P.S. I wanted to say "ouch" to Annette on that cat bite. Cat bites and scratches can be medically troublesome. Take care.

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Good morning All,

Beautiful morning here - a little cool - but until later when it storms it's great.

Yes - my tetnus arm is still not real happy and the cat bite arm is itching like crazy. Went to my 9:30 orthopod appointment only to discover the power was out - now I'll have to wait til Tuesday to get the okay to let it close - not fun at all.

It's an early close day at work - so an early start to a hopefully somewhat restfull weekend. I hope everyone enjoys the holidays.


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Good morning, everyone! TGIF!

It was 74 degrees when I got up this morning, with a forecast high in the mid 90's.

Does everyone have big plans for the holiday weekend? I'm driving to Denison directly from work. I'll have dinner with a bunch of the randonneurs, then the ride starts at 6:30 am tomorrow.

Sunday, I'm planning on making a short fishing trip to Lake Granbury, then on Monday, Rose and I are doing a short bike ride early, then some swimming at the HOA pool, which opened today.

Have a great weekend, all!

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Good Evening Everyone,

Not posted for 2/3 days now been so busy,its bank holiday weekend yeah,I get Friday and Monday off,more time to spend with my American friends.Weather this morning blue skies and sunny,degenerated into cloudy and rain this afternoon,however lovely and sunny this evening.

HMIe gone yippee,went quite well,report to follow,now for the big visit next term (hope they dont find me out)Moveplan been to see me yesterday about all my files to move to the new build over the summer vacation,I am so excited cannot wait to move into my new office,although sad to envisage my old office being demolished within the next four weeks,thats been my home for the last seventeen years,ah well I suppose thats progress,wonder what cel-eb is going to officially open the new build? probably some local politician or an obscure member of the royal family?

Anyway I am having a great time recently,everything going my way,my story is published in the Roy Castle Lung Foundation Org,thats the newsletter thats sent to every hospital in the UK,every lung nurse and cancer centre also.I am also in their internet website,you can find me there if you type in Eric Byrne.I have also received a letter from them asking me if I would be willing to be a media spokesperson for them and what type of media

would I be confident in,training available,couldnt possibly turn down that oppertunity an old extrovert like me,to reach out to a big audience and warn them about lung cancer.Also being shortlisted for a cultural three week visit to China including seeing the forbidden city,not quite there yet,but fingers crossed.

Lastly old big head is being interviewed on Wednesday by some Admin and IT students for a project they are doing on Healthy Working Lives,its being filmed and being put onto some website,its all the details I have at the moment,Ill keep you informed.

Oh nearly forgot,My wee sister Irene,has volenteered me to Hike and bike round the island of Cumbrae with her and her friends for several cancer charities next Saturday,they raised £29,000 last year and hope to improve on that this year,so I am currently going round my colleagues with my begging bowl,refusals are not an option.This lung cancer believe it or not is giving me so much fun..

See you all later,bye for now.


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