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Friday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 70 degrees as I rode to work this morning. With the cold front, it's only supposed to get up to 95 degrees this afternoon....LOL.

I rode to work all 4 days this week. Rose and I rode on Monday, too, so I've ridden the last 5 days. But tomorrow will be a day off the bike. I'm going fishing, and my daughter is supposed to join me. I'm looking forward to that; kids don't seem to find much time for things like fishing after they grow up.

Have a great day, all!

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It's already hot here in Richmond - another thunder boomer afternoon expected. Grow and go - that's what the kids do. So have a great day fishing Bud. I'll be walking tomorrow afternoon/night in a Relay for Life event - my first one - and just after one year. I wish I was as good at the exercise thing as a lot of folks on here are - I feel guilty, not guilty enough to run out (walk out) and do anythin about it yet - but guilty.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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Morning All! Not so hot, 85 degrees, but humid in KW. The sun is shining and a breeze is blowing so I'm not complaining but Stan is. He needs to go there and live with your Bruce. He wanted to move to the tropics and all he does is complain about the heat lol.

Bud, that's what my husband is looking forward to next week--taking our son and his boys fishing. I hope is goes well. Their small enough to need a lot of help but big enough to think they know it all.

Annette, there will probably be no exercise for me today. I tend to skip it if I'm doing physical work around the house or yard. I spent close to two hours today climbing around under the office furniture (it's the getting back up that's the real problem) trying to re-hook all my computer components and I have a ton of them. It's been a mess under there since my computer backup device went bad. We put lots of outlets in but they are never in the right places. And to boot, we have a back-splash on our computer furniture that makes it hard to get to them. Thank goodness for the pigtail three-prong connectors I bought ages ago. They help you deal with all this stuff that connects with box plugs. I misplaced them and finding them made doing it today a must. All done now but for getting back in there and cleaning up the mess I made in the process.

Good luck on your marathon Annette. I know you'll do great. And have a terrific day fishing with your daughter Bud. I think that's fabulous she's taking time to do that so catch lots of fish.

Have a good day everyone.

Judy in KW

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Congrats all you active people! Biking, walking, fishing....all good stuff. I will get some laundry done today, but when you get muscle spasms with little movement, it's tough to get active. Hoping to get some answers soon! I remain positive.

It's dark, and 68 here. Cold front coming in, and storms pushing it over the lake and on land. That is how it happens here. Hubs is up North golfing at Arcadia Bluffs, which is a fabulous course on the shore of Lake Michigan. He'll be home tonight. Hope the rain and storms hold off so he can get a couple of rounds in today.

Nothing much to report today. Just going to do laundry, and maybe curl up with a good book.

Have a good weekend!

Judy in MI

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Well another nice day here in the knife....and a Friday as well. Couldn't get any better unless it was a payday Friday.

Have a great day fishing Bud. we are just waiting for the ice to get off the lakes here to go out.

Enjoy the Relay For Life walk Annette. Last year was my first and our's is next Friday.

Judy in MI, hope you get all your laundry done without too many mixed colors like i have.

Judy in KW, it has been 75 - 80 degree's here for the last few weeks so stan wouldn't get much of a cooling off.

Now Judy I had a chuckle reading your post about climbing under the office furniture. I remember you telling me your height !!!! LOL

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Good Evening Everyone,

Weather to-day couldnt be nicer,warm and sunny,too bad I had a class all day to-day,hope this continues for my hike and bike to-morrow.

Took my second year class on a tour of the second phase of the new build this afternoon,we have just accepted the handover from the builders,the building is just spectacular,wish I was just starting my teaching career rather than it coming to an end.I also got introduced to-day to a new educational toy by the computer technician a thing called a smart table (apparently Bruce its manufactured in Canada-wave the flag)Well I have been using a smartboard for about a year now and its impressive but this gadget is something else,no mouse required the glass screen table top is touch sensitive and the things you can do with it are amazing,so if you have any young kids in your family and have a spare $6000 in your wallet/purse,and an ambition to turn your kids into Einstein this one is for you(no I am not on a commision)

Bud 95F how can anyone work in these temperatures,enjoy fishing with your daughter to-morrow,I think the fish are gonna be diving deep with these temperatures.

Judy,there is a motorway intersection just outside Birmingham which is nicknamed Spagetti Junction,well thats what I have behind my television in the lounge,so I know where you are coming from.

Judy in MI,look life is too short to be wasting it doing laundry,get yourself down to the driving range and get some time in with a driver,irons and pitching wedges and then go join hubs on the golf course.Did I tell you the story of me getting a hole in one in a four ball outing?I am always dying to relate this one to anybody who will listen,I have run out of friends here in Scotland to hear again.

Bruce, hope the ice melts for you,I loved the film Grumpy Old Men,with Jack Lemmon and Walter Mattheu fishing through the ice-holes it was so funny.Cannot believe you getting such temperatures so far north,are you not inside the Artic Circle? better get the sun screen on.

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Hot this afternoon in Western NC, 80 degrees and the thunder is rumbling outside now. Hubby is napping after chemo and a good lunch so I think I'll go out and watch the storm roll in before going to get our daughter. Hope everyone has a great weekend! :D

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