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eric byrne

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Good Morning Everyone,

Its 9 am here its warm but overcast,maybe the sun will break through later.

What a day I had yesterday,the sun shone the whole day,just perfect for my charity hike and bike round Gt Cumbrae.7.30am took a taxi to the meeting point at Cardinal Newmans High School in Bellshill,uncertain what to expect,I was first there,then others began to arrive including my sister Irene along with eight coaches to transport over 300 women to Gt Cumbrae,yes thats right-I was the only male,sis "forgot" to tell me.Boy did I have fun,the ladies were all brilliant to-wards me,I sort of felt I was adopted as their mascot and since I had brought along my camera I was promoted to event photographer.Having set of at 8.30am,we arrived about an hour later at the holiday town of Largs,which is where we get the ferry for the short trip over to Millport.Largs has a long history in the twelth century?,it was the scene of a great battle between the Scots and the Vikings,where the Scots managed to kick the Vikings butts out of Scotland for good,well they were bound to lose,as I heard there were a few lads in the Scots army from Airdrie.

The coaches were relayed three at a time over to the island,on landing I decided to hike,to enjoy snapping my way found,the scenery was beautiful as a backdrop to the hickers and bickers I ramdomly caught in my lens.Stopped for a picnic halfway round,watched holidaymakers on the beaches enjoying themselves,lots of birdlife to see,I really enjoyed watching the oystercatchers sitting on the rocky outcrops on the beaches calling to each other,loads of skylarks darting in an out of the gorse bushes around me,and of course the pleasent conversation of my small group of new friends made a great picnic.

Three or so hours later we arrived at the finishing post the town of Millport,the the coaches were parked along the sea front waiting to receive the foot sore walkers or the butt sore bikers.

Phase two of the event was now beginning,I was about to enter my coach to deposit my racksack,change my sweaty top and socks,when the ladies chased me off,they were apparently already

on the bus in various stages of undress,despite my plea of only half looking by shutting one of my eyes,they were not impressed so I had to sit on sea front bench until they gave me the all clear.Do you know changing took them longer than 30mins,what on earth can take them so long,I was in and out the coach within five mins.Anyway I walked along with sis and the ladies all smartly turned out to a local hostelry booked exclusively for the hikers and bikers,where some great food was on offer and believe or not the girls entertained us with a karaoke session,seems its organised that you really have got to be good to participate,needless to say despite my inclination to join in ,I chickened out.Our group descided to leave after eating, to sit in the nearby park to enjoy the sun,so did many others,I took the oppertunity to move round all the little groups to take their pics,and a short blether with them,what a great time I was having.Coaches leave prompt at 6.30pm,bit of time was spent by the organisers to round up all the stray sheep,sorry ladies,but we all made it,you know despite it being early evening the ladies had been imbibing,and spirits were a bit high,sing-song time and a lot of laughter,yes you ladies certainly know how to have a great day out.Iam going next year? god willing I wouldnt miss this one out.

Oh,each year one bus is selected,where every passenger has to have a dressing up theme,well I am an official Sumo inmate now and our bus was selected.Dont no what the theme will be but God please dont let them choose something feminine,I would just die I they chose something like ballet dancers,and knowing my sisters sense of humour,thats just the type of ordeal she would love to put me through.See you later,going to get ready for ABC.

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sounds like someone had a really great day yesterday Eric! Sunny and heading to the upper 80s low 90s here today ! Gotta get on my yard work for me and the parents already! BE back this afternoon to check in !!!

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Hi Ned,

Good to hear from you,posting my pics is now my No1 priority

in fact many of my photo victims thought I was a professional working for some newspaper/magazine,I of course I did put them right.I was requested by the chief organiser if I could assist with their cheque presentation gala evening in October.Apparently representatives from all the recipricant charities attend and a formal transfer of cheques is made,that event in itself is also a fundraiser.I have been asked to prepare a power point photo presentation for that evening,but not to worry as assistance would be forthcoming.So I was able to tell everyone their pic will appear on the October night,I also added that they will be sent to Lungevity in America shortly,which raised a lot of questions about the website,me and my big mouth now I will have to edit my pics and figure out how to attach them to LCSC and also make it easy for everyone to find,Chris where are you?Ned I will sent some to you directly -shortly.

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Good evening, everyone!

It sounds like you had a grand adventure, Eric. I had a fun weekend, too. Daughter Marie and I went fishing yesterday. When daughter Linda found out we were bringing fish home, she wanted to join us for dinner, so we had a small family gathering and fish dinner.

This morning, Rose and I did a short bicycle ride at Lake Benbrook to start the day, then went swimming, then went to the National Cancer Survivors Day gathering in Fort Worth. We visited with Katie there and celebrated along with all the other survivors there.

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Here's Marie holding her biggest crappie from yesterday's fishing trip.


Rose won the largest gift basket at the cancer survivors gathering.


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