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Scan time for Mom,Gwen Jones> update in GOOD NEWS!!!


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Tomorrow, June 7th at 6:30am et, our (me and my sis Bonnie Jones) Mom, will be having her Pet Scan. She will get the results on Thursday, June 10th. We are praying that there is no uptake in the tumor she had cyberknife done on , the end of last year, plus we pray that there are no new findings. Any and all positive vibes and prayers are very much appreciated and mean so much to my mom and my family. Thank you so much.



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Hi Sue,

This is a difficult time not only for your mum,but the rest of the family as well,I will be thinking of your mum to-morrow when she has her pet scan,and will be praying for her results on Thursday shows no further progression of her disease,in fact quite the reverse.It is great that she can depend on the support of her two loving daughters to help her on this journey,my very best wishes to you all.

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Sue - like Judy I completely missed this yesterday, but I wanted to let you know that prayers have been said for a good scan result for your mom. I just went through the anxiety of scans and results recently and remember all too well the feelings.

Anxiously awaiting the results with you on Thursday.



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Sue Iam sorry I really really thought I posted to you on here :roll:

Wishing you mom good results, I will not be back until Sunday, so I will have to wait to hear her results... I know it will be a good one!

your friend,


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