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Joel's Pet coming up/ UPDATE 6/17/2010


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Well, its that infamous time again... the dreaded Pet Scan.. anxiety etc. :shock:

He is having his pet on Tues which is our anniversary... I hope it becomes a good anniversary to be happy about.

He has been LC free for 16 months.. the longest. Keep everything crossed to good resutls.

If all goes well with this Pet he will go back to CT maybe once a year, right now it has been 6 months.

May take a week until we find out... will let you know when we hear.



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Fred and I (even Teddy) have everything that can be crossed ~ crossed for good results. I still can't figure why you can't get results faster than a week. I'm sure they're in the system within 1 day. Bummer! Keeping you both in our thoughts.


Fred and Kasey

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Hi Maryanne and Joel,

At work just now just waiting to go into a meeting in 20mins thought I could steal a wee bit of work time to wish you both HAPPY ANNIVERSARY (sorry I dont have the skills of KatieB to do something more spectacular,maybe by your next one I will)Pet Scan-oh forget it,it will be a good one,I can feel it in my watter as they say in Scotland.Hope you both will have a super celebration to-night,whatever you have planned.

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Hi Maryanne...

Just got a phone call....Joel is fine... :D ...really Maryann..he's been good for a long time...so no reason why he's not now...A Big Happy Anniversary to both of you....I will be praying for him...

that NED will be with him for many many years to come....



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Great to hear NED spreading himself around!!!!!! Fred and I are thrilled to hear your news. Just thought.............what happened to our June luch? Ginny has fallen down on the job. Guess it will be too hard now to get everyone together - with vacations and all. But.......maybe not! I missed last time - the first time ever we couldn't make it. Hope it doesn't go too long.

HUGS to Joel and you too from us. Teddy will be relieved to FINALLY be able to uncross his paws.

Love you both.

Kasey and Fred

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