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Thursday's Air

Bud Baker

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Good morning, everyone!

It was 73 degrees when I got up this morning. Forecast high is 91. The heavy rain stayed south of us yesterday, and I managed to stay dry on the ride home. We still have a good chance of rain today, so I decided to make today my non-riding day of the week.

Actually, Judy, I would have bought a fish cleaning station if I had found what I really wanted. When I don't find what I want, that's when I tend to put on my engineer hat and make something. I got it pretty much built yesterday evening, but nothing is glued yet, and I still need to do some fine adjusting. I think I'm going to measure and take photos of everything so I can post instructions on making it in the fishing forum. I'll post a photo here when it's done.

MI Judy, I've never been to Ada, MI, but I've been to Ada, OK.

Have a great day, all!

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Good day all.

Bill used to make things himself and post on the fishing forum @ the Sports Illustrated site. He had so much accumulated in the garage he always was able to find parts and pieces and build something. He also was a master at cooking on the grill and posted on another forum about ideas on grilling. I think he also subscribed to the Jeep forums. Sure miss those days when he was around. We had a very busy, active life.

Judy in KW, do you have a date when you'll be back in Orlando?

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Good morning all! Just a sunny beautiful 75 degree day here! Shopped for cars all afternoon after my lunch in Ada. Went to Mazda, Audi, Mercedes, Volvo, Acura, Nissan, GM, and Oy! What work it was. I got to test drive all the vehicles, trying to find a cross-over vehicle that won't be a house payment. Now that I have all the data, I can present it to hubby and make a decision.

Fell in love with this cute new cross over Mercedes, but that one, of course, is close to a housepayment. I actually liked the Nissan too, so maybe that will be the one. Much cheaper, but still a good ride. We'll have to see.

Got the summer crud (poison ivy) that I get every single day. My dog runs in the woods and brings it in on his coat, and then I hug on him and inevitably get it all over me. A sure sign of summer here!

Have a lovely day,

Judy in MI

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Evening All! I'm sitting here posting thinking I should be napping. Don't expect the kids til late. They are not early starters.

Bud, that's a great idea posting the pics. Will look forward to them here.

Laurie, was just thinking last night I need to call the KOA. It will be a quick trip--we'll be off the next day after my appointments for a job in PA. I'd still love to see you if we can work it out. It would have to be in the evening on the July 7th. Maybe an early dinner at Sweet Mama's after you finish volunteering? It could work the evening of the 8th but don't know what time I'll finish at the hospital. I have a small window so I'll understand if you can't make it. You can let me know when the time gets closer.

Won't be around for awhile. See my Hall Pass post. Catch you when I can.

Judy in KW

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