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okay if I post here?


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Hi friends, old and new!

When I need support I come 'home'.

Over 4 years since Brian died and I am still having difficulty.

I have some medical issues of my own at this time and would appreciate prayer and/or good vibes.

I have been fighting inflamation in my eyes since Jan. I have it in both eyes and it is raging. ( They say it is quite rare to have it bilateraly and for it not to clear up w/ steroid drops) Docs think I have some inflammatroy disease somewhere in my body that is triggering this problem.

I have been tested and found to be negative for:


Lyme Diseae

Syphilis (good grief)



and the list goes on.

currently 'they' are looking at liver, pancreas and gallbladder. Tests not back yet

I had a bit of a scare when chest x-ray was a bit off, but that was determined to be 'okay' after recheck.

anyway, I am miserable and miss my eyesight as it is hard to type or watch TV..........I can see, it just hurts ~ A LOT ~.

My COBRA runs out in Sept............so am facing insurance issues, as well. That is the most scary part.

Brian would know how to make this a bit better.........I miss him so so so so much.

Please know I have each of you in prayer daily and that I have never forgotten one of you or your kindness and support.

Thanks for any extra prayer or positive thought.

Much love


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Oh (((Pat)))................of course it is okay to post here ~ anywhre here at all since it is, indeed, your 'home.'

Back on the prayer list you'll go!!! I'm not ever sure mine get to where they are supposed to get, but sometimes I think God just listens to me so I'll go away and stop bothering Him!!!!! I do know, He doesn't work that way at all.

I feel your fear with not being able to see. And no insurance is just as scary, if not more so. I wish I could fill Brian's shoes for just this moment to make things moer alright for you, but ~ so sorry I cannot. I've been tested, as well, for almost all the things you have listed. I don't have the same eye issue, but many other symptoms that I am not getting to bottom of. Guess I sould say 'of which I am not getting to the bottom.'!!!!

You know how special you have always been to Fred and me. So please keep us updated as to how things progress. And please continue to come 'home' and get the support/love/care that you know the folks here provide.


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Hi Pat,

I don't know what the policy is in Illinois, but in Washington, when your COBRA runs out, you have 60 days to sign up for a private policy with no health qualification questionnaire. I switched from private insurance to a health maintenance organization and am getting more coverage for less than the COBRA cost, except the prescription coverage is terrible. I could have stayed with the private insurance for just a little more monthly, but significantly more deductible and copays, and the same Rx policy.

It was a huge relief when I finally understood that my policy options and costs were the same as any other female non-smoker in my age range and location, as long as I kept my coverage continuous. Do talk to an insurance broker or medical social worker (hospitals usually have them) before you get too stressed by that aspect.

I don't have any ideas about your eyes, but I hope it gets figured out soon and is easy to resolve. I don't usually do this - but inflammations of undetermined origins are such bears (and I have recently experienced bad effects from too many antibiotics chasing this) that I wonder if an alternate approach might provide some relief? Acupuncture perhaps? Just an idea.


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I am so sorry to hear this. Hope that they can find out whats wrong soon and that its an easy fix.

I can fully understand your fear of insurance running out - when we thought we were going to have to go under COBRA, I called down to Columbus and spoke with someone from the Ohio Insurance Regulators and they told me that even after COBRA runs out, there are options to extend it.

You know you have my thoughts and prayers!! Please keep us updated.

Hugs - Patti B.

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I am so sorry to hear about the problems with your vision and insurance. My husband was dx with macular degeneration at a fairly young age for it, and I know from him the fear and frustration of dealing with vision issues. And to have to worry about your insurance coverage as well - NOT fair. Please look into your options before the time limit runs out, as ts pointed out there may be more options than you realize. I will be praying that all of this will be resolved soon.


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Hi Pat--I'm so sorry to hear of your health issues. You know we will be here to offer whatever support we can give you.

As for the insurance. It is a federal law that there is no exclusion for pre-exsting conditions if you sign up within so many days of your day of "creditable coverage." Most states have an insurance pool for this type of coverage. I used it several years ago when I was self-employed. If doing the research online is difficult for you with your eye infaction, pm me and I will be happy to help you do the research in your state.


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I knew about some of this , but not all. I am so very sorry and wish I could offer a solution to your insurance dilemma. I myself am sitting here, at nearly age 62, and haven't had any medical insurance for about 1 yr 3 months now and I am drowning in my own medical problems. I had Cobra for 3 years after Mike died and it was outrageously expensive and ate up most of my money. I don't have money to buy any insurance , even if I could qualify for some. I'm not posting this to put the focus on me... but the focus on US and this is a horrible situation in which we find ourselves. There has to be answers. We will have to learn what we can and share information. In the meantime, know that you have my prayers for answers and quick solutions to your ongoing health problems. Ironically, my eyes are giving me a fit too and on top of it , I dropped my glasses and stepped on them.. and.. well.... Take care friend and keep in touch with me off and on the board..

Big Hugs,


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I am reading the HIPPA laws as I can and am finding some comfort in them..............the only possible loophole I see for BC/BS regarding my situation is that my company was based in MI, so I have BC/BS of MI and I reside in IL. 'they' say I have to buy insurance from the BC/BS of IL.............and they won't even offer paperwork, application or conversation before 45 days from end of COBRA. MI doesn't seem to care and all they will say is that they will send me paperwork as end of coverage approaches. So much for being proactive....................

I guess I will just continue to pray and trust

fillese: thanks for your kind offer!

Sue, I have you in prayer and thought everyday...........just can't 'do' facebook much anymore as I save my reading strength.........

KB, thanks, as always..............

All...........your words are such a comfort and your support so much appreciated.



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Pat, is what you have called Scleritis? My neighbor has it and a dear friend of mine in Washington has it also. It's not common and they both say it can be very painful. If this is what they think you have, there is no known cure for it at this time. Drops work for a while, but not for very long they say. I have sent you a website about it below.

God bless and good luck to you.


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Oh Pat...how nice to see you....of course not this way...but never the less so nice to see your beautiful face....Gosh I can't believe Brain has been gone 4 yrs already...I have no advice except to say that you will be in my prayers..praying that someone somewhere finds a solution to your problem....I know the insurance thing is a pain in the butt...but listen to some of the board ...there may be other option's....

Take care and good luck


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(((Pat))) - I am so sorry to hear of the difficulties with your eyes - it sounds very painful and uncomfortable. It is reassuring to know that you tested negative for the other diseases they tested for though.

It is sad that you have to worry about the insurance issues on top of everything else and I hope you can find some help on that front with the suggestions others posted as I am obviously no help with that.

I will absolutely say prayers for you and send you all positive thoughts your way. I know Brian is watching over you and loving you through these difficult times.



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Just read your post my friend... it breaks my heart that you are having such a difficult time. I wish I could turn back time and have your honey with you.. so so sorry...

I hope whatever they find out that it is fixable and you will fell like yourself again.

Please know I will keep you in my thoughts and send good healing vibes..

love ya,


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You are always in my thoughts and now you will be back in my daily prayers as well. I miss you and I hope that you are able to get this resolved in short order. Please let me know if I can do anything. If there was a way I could adopt you and put you on my insurance, you know that I would.


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O.k., lost the whole post! Pat, don't know how I missed this. I also knew some but not all of your difficulty. I'm so frustrated--three members I know of, you, Kasey and Judy in MI suffering from what? I think not knowing is the worst. What's going on!

Like you Pat, I've always thought my eyes were the most important part of my body. It's just terrible to consider there is something so wrong and no one knows what. I hope you get something more definitive from the last round of tests. As for the insurance, I just hope you are as fortunate as I. I had none nada when I was dx'd with IIIB lung cancer. At first, it seemed no one would treat me. I kept banging on doors and finally got into MDA and paid for a dx. An angel of mercy interceded for me and we got help with ongoing treatment. Sending the strongest positive healing and helping energy your way dear. Please keep us posted here or on fb.

Judy in KW

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Hi Pat, I'm new here since you've come back. I just wanted to introduce myself, say HI and say a prayer that the doc figures out what is going on.

I don't know much about insurance law, but it sounds like you are on the right track. Stay on top of them, my hubs worked for Blue Cross, and that's a big company, and little fish can get lost in the sea.

Judy in MI

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Thanks, all.

Gastro tomorrow

Rhuematologist on July 2.

I know my troubles are just not close to what many of you face and am so grateful for all the love and support.

I am okay w/ whatever they find, but they need to find it soon as all the steroid drops are beginning to affect eyesight. Each time they try to start weaning me off the inflammation begins to worsen and that is unacceptable. Such a balancing act. Inflammation, pressure, and infection due to lower immunity to passing bugs from the steroids.....

This is crazy.

Judy, Love that you have an angel! We all need one and am so glad yours has manifested!! Hope he/she has a friend for me!



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Pat, there are so many of us here that love you, we are happy to hold your hand through this ordeal. I understand about the steroids. I get a bag every three weeks with my chemo and the 20lbs I've gained proves it lol. But when I went to the eye doctor for my problem, he was emphatic he didn't want me doing any eye drops with steriods. I gather steroids aren't generally eye-friendly. Will be waiting for you results. Keep us posted.

By the way, I don't need my angel anymore, and come to think of it there were two. I'm old now and on Medicare lol. Hope you find and angel, getting old isn't the greatest option.

Judy in KW

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